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Removing Mushroom Soup Stains on Your Carpet

Posted on: December 4, 2012

A hot bowl of mushroom soup when you are not really feeling that well can be a very welcome relief. That delicious and warm goodness of the soup can really boost you up and make you feel a little better from your cold or flu. This is one reason why mushroom soup has become even more popular over the years.

But while you are eating your soup, you may have forgotten that the bowl is still hot which caused you to spill its contents all over the carpet. This can be a nightmare for any homeowner as it can result in an ugly stain that will surely ruin the carpet’s appearance.

If you have a mushroom soup stain in your home, remove it easily and effectively by following the guide I have provided below. This kind of predicament may be problematic but with the guide below you will surely have an easier time managing it.

1.    Step 1 is to remove the spilled soup on your carpet. Allowing it to stay on the carpet will only pose a risk to it penetrating the carpet fibers deeper which will surely cause more trouble. Remove the soup by using a clean sponge or an absorbent cotton cloth.
2.    The next step is to get a cleaning solution that will get rid of the mushroom soup stain. You can actually make one yourself with some items that you can find inside the house. Grab a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and mix it with a cup of warm water and you will already have a potent cleaning solution that will help eliminate the stain on your carpet.
3.    Apply the dish washing liquid-based cleaning solution onto the affected area of the carpet. Allow it to set for three minutes and then begin blotting the stain repeatedly. The stain will gradually become lighter and lighter as you continue blotting which means that the technique is working. Continue doing this until all of it is gone.
4.    After completely getting rid of the stain, the last thing that you would need to do is to rinse the carpet so that no residue will stay behind. Use a cup of clean water and then dry the area thoroughly by using a hair dryer or a wet/dry vac.

Spilling mushroom soup on your carpet can be frustrating but luckily the guide above will help you in getting your carpet back to normal. Try this the next time you have a mushroom soup spill so that you won’t have a problem in cleaning this kind of mess.

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