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Rug Grooming & Shearing Services

Expert Rug Grooming & Shearing

Has your once beautiful area rug been discolored or matted down by the wear and tear of everyday life? Don’t pay to replace your rug — instead, save money by restoring it with grooming and shearing services from CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration. We’ll renew the color and texture of your beloved area rug, so it looks new again.

To learn more about our other rug repair services or schedule rug grooming and shearing in Baltimore and Annapolis, please call us at (410) 978-6050 or contact us online.

The Need for Rug Grooming & Shearing

All rugs experience wear and tear over time, gradually succumbing to the effects of sun exposure, pet damage, and foot traffic. Here are the signs that your area rug could benefit from grooming and shearing:

  • Sun damage: UV light is notorious for fading furniture, wall coverings, and area rugs. Even with indirect light, your rug can become faded over time. If a sofa covers the edges of your rug, move the furniture temporarily to see the color difference for yourself.
  • Chemical fading: Antique or chemical washing is the once-popular process of bleaching a new rug to make it look old. Chlorine bleach damages the rug pile and reduces the stain resistance of wool yarn.
  • Sprouting: All rugs are sheared to provide an even pile during the manufacturing process, but longer yarns can work their way up over time. If you see sprouting tufts, don’t pull on them — instead, trim the fibers with sharp scissors. If sprouting occurs throughout your rug, you may need professional grooming and shearing.
  • Blurred pattern:  Whether caused by foot traffic, improper care, or your pet’s claws, rug patterns can become distorted over time, making the design look blurry rather than sharp and crisp.
  • Matted fibers: Rugs are susceptible to matting, especially if the pile is an inch or longer. Matting can make the rug appear grimy and worn out, even if it’s spotless.

If you notice these problems with your area rug, contact CLEAN Choice to schedule rug grooming and shearing in the Annapolis and Baltimore area.

Our Rug Grooming & Shearing Services

While rug cleaning can remove dirt, debris, and soiling, only grooming and shearing can restore the color and texture of your specialty rug. The service you require depends on the type of damage you’re hoping to repair.

  • Rug grooming is done with a carpet rake or carpet brush. This loosens soil and pet hair and delays the appearance of traffic patterns. Professional rug grooming can even treat matted fibers and restore a worn-out rug to like-new condition.
  • Rug shearing removes the tips of the faded, damaged yarn to even out the pile height and reveal a more vibrant color and pattern underneath. Rug shearing can also shorten the pile of a thick area rug, modernizing it and reducing the risk of future matting and pattern blurring.

Call us at (410) 978-6050 to discuss the unique needs of your area rug and discover which repair service is right for you.

Why Choose CLEAN Choice for Rug Grooming & Shearing?

For over 30 years, CLEAN Choice has been serving Maryland customers with upfront pricing, quality workmanship, and industry-leading customer service. We are proud to be a family-owned and -operated business, with three generations of experience to back us up. When you’re ready to schedule area rug grooming and shearing, let us know, and we’ll arrange free rug pickup and delivery service Monday through Saturday. We’ll even help you roll and load your rug into our vehicle.

Trust the rug grooming and shearing specialists at CLEAN Choice to restore your area rug! Call us at (410) 978-6050 or contact us online today to request services in Baltimore or Annapolis, MD.

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