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Expert Moth Damage Restoration Services

Moth Damage in Rugs

Aside from humidity, your Oriental rug has one nemesis: clothes moths. These little bugs don’t look like much, but they have expensive taste! Fortunately, with help from CLEAN Choice, your rug’s moth damage CAN be repaired.

Dealing with moth damage to your prized Oriental rug? Trust the experts at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration for comprehensive repairs! Call us at 410-978-6050 or reach out online for your free estimate!

Repairing moth damage on an Oriental rug is no easy task, so we’ve honed our skills for over 30 years. Rug repair is much like restoring a work of art; both require intricate attention to detail, unending patience, and a commitment to restoring the piece to its original glory. Our rug repair specialists utilize their extensive knowledge of rug structure to restore even heavily moth-eaten rugs. With careful attention and an expert eye for detail, we always strive to restore moth-damaged rugs so that even the owners won’t be able to tell that the damage ever existed.

Our Moth Damage Repair Process

At CLEAN Choice, our rug repair specialist will begin by evaluating the original fabric and attempting to find as close a match as possible for the repair work. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible, as some rugs have faded over time. However, we will import fabrics from other regions of the world if needed. We then carefully reweave the moth-eaten areas by hand, thread by thread, until the rug is restored to its former beauty. Once the new material is integrated into the rug, we cut, shape, and distress it as needed to match the neighboring areas as closely as possible. In many cases, moth-eaten rugs can come out looking like they’ve never met a moth in their life!

Prevent Moth Damage to Your Rugs

Vacuuming or sweeping your rug regularly is the best way to prevent a moth infestation. Unfortunately, the most common spots for moths to take hold are sections of rug that are under furniture. Try to move the furniture and vacuum or sweep those areas as well. If you notice what looks like small rice flakes on your rug, it’s too late – those are the larvae of the clothes moth. Don’t wait for them to eat your rug down to its threads – call CLEAN Choice for a professional rug cleaning. Our unique purified water submersion rug cleaning system and nine-step cleaning process will thoroughly clean your rug, eradicating any larvae, so the moths don’t come back. You should also clean any other objects made of wool in your house to ensure that they are not harboring more larvae.

Schedule Pick-Up for Rug Repair in Baltimore/Annapolis

We’ll come to your home or business Monday through Saturday for free rug repair pickup and delivery services. Our experienced pros will be happy to help move furniture before carefully rolling and loading your rugs into our vehicle.

Our 4,000 square foot operational facility and state-of-the-art rug cleaning plant is conveniently located in the Baltimore Washington Commerce Park on US 1 in Elkridge, MD, 1/2 a mile south of Route 100 (at the second traffic light, across from Subway)

Talk to a live representative at 410-978-6050 to get a free estimate for moth damage repair on your Oriental rug in the Baltimore and Annapolis area, or contact us online with any questions!

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