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The life and beauty of your carpet depend on the proper care it receives. Carpet in a typical home needs to be professionally truck mount steam cleaned every 6 to 18 months to thoroughly remove the buildup of abrasive soils, bacteria, pet dander, and other contaminants. Choosing the most effective and safest carpet cleaning system is very important. Many Baltimore carpet cleaners leave harmful residues, which accelerate re-soiling, pile wear, and bacteria buildup and defeat the purpose of cleaning the carpet in the first place.
CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning can leave even the dirtiest, stained carpets looking and feeling revived and refreshed using the Best Quality Eco-Friendly Products and State-of-the-art Truck Mount Equipment. Our experienced certified technicians are friendly, dedicated experts that strive to meet or exceed your expectations with our attention to detail and our proven 10-step totally green carpet cleaning process that gets the best carpet cleaning results. Excellence in quality and customer service is our commitment to you. We serve Baltimore, MD, Annapolis, MD, Columbia, MD, Rockville, MD, and all surrounding areas. With over 400 Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Angi five-star reviews— a smile and 100% satisfaction are guaranteed!

We offer quality hand rug washing, rug repair, carpet cleaning, pet urine odor & stain removal, cat urine odor removal “odor block seal”, tile & grout, grout color seal & recoloring (10 year warranty*), natural stone and concrete cleaning, power and pressure washing, disinfection fogging, upholstery cleaning services, and more…

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Our Proven 10-Step Totally Green Carpet Cleaning Process

No Hidden Charges – No Upselling: We offer affordable and competitive “All Inclusive” Package Pricing by the room, based on average Room size that includes the pre-cleaner, stain remover, truck-mount steam cleaning, green deodorizer, Bio-disinfectant, and stain protector for the most thorough carpet cleaning ever, and your carpet will stay clean longer… guaranteed!

CLEAN Choice is the premier green carpet cleaning service in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, MD. Call CLEAN Choice Now!

We arrive on-time, in uniform and perform a pre-cleaning inspection with you to evaluate carpet soiling conditions, odor sources, any potential permanent stains, and expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have. Only the requested work will be done and we get your signed approval before getting started. No surprises or hidden costs when the job is done.

Protective guards and cotton floor covers are used to protect all flooring while we work. A temporary door seal is placed around the opening of our entry point to keep in your air conditioning/heat and curious pets.

Light sofas, chairs, tables, and smaller furnishings are carefully moved and replaced on protective tabs. Items to be moved are at the technicians’ discretion.

Our patented green pre-cleaner Procyon is applied to the carpet surface to emulsify and break down embedded soil, spots, and odor sources for a more thorough cleaning.

When needed, a professional carpet groomer is used to loosen embedded soil, spots, and matted walk areas or collapsed pile.

CLEAN Choice is the premier green carpet cleaning service in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, MD. Call CLEAN Choice Now!

Our truck is outfitted with the most powerful, state-of-the-art, 250-degree, truck-mounted steam extraction equipment powered by the truck’s 340 hp engine. This helps your carpets dry in hours. Our water purification system boosts our zero-residue deep rinse process to deliver the best deep cleaning results on even the most heavily soiled and stained carpets, including removing harmful toxic residues left behind by the last carpet cleaner. Every carpet we clean is left p-balanced to ensure no sticky residue is left behind. This leaves your carpet feeling softer and smelling fresh when dry.

clean choice eliminates dust mites and their waste

Carpet cleaning alone at any temperature does not kill or remove all bacteria, allergens, mold, or other contaminants. Improper carpet cleaning is known to cause health problems in people and pets. That’s why on every carpet we clean, we apply a liberal post-cleaning application of our eco-friendly Bio-disinfectant and green deodorizer to ensure a complete deep clean, total bacteria and allergen kill, and odor elimination.

We then apply a liberal application of our GREEN Guard soil encapsulating stain protector. This will enhance vacuuming in between cleanings, protect against permanent stains, help keep your carpet cleaner longer, and lengthen your carpet’s life.

Once the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, deodorized, and protected, your carpet is groomed with a professional pile groomer to leave the carpet pile standing tall when we leave.

Once everything is complete, our technician will walk through your home or business with you to point out the cleaning results and to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results. We provide you with water proof shoe covers, an aftercare cleaning and spotting guide, and a complimentary bottle of our Green Carpet Stain Remover for any “uh-oh” moments in between professional carpet cleanings.

We Follow Up Within 3 Days of Service. This ensures your complete satisfaction.


Experience Our Proven Green Carpet Cleaning Process

Green Carpet Cleaning Is a Complete Cleaning Process

CLEAN Choice’s IICRC, CRI-SOA Certified Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning does not use any shampoos, harsh soaps, or toxic detergents to deep clean. We use today’s safest and best plant-based, all-natural organic carpet cleaning products that are powerful, yet soap free and detergent free, 100% non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and biodegradable. Certified safe for you, your children, elderly, and pets (including birds). Our products even protect your carpet’s warranty. No one deep cleans your carpets and rugs more thoroughly than CLEAN Choice. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with hundreds of five-star reviews to back us up.

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Our 10-Step Totally Green Carpet Cleaning Package Price Includes:

  • 250-degree, truck-mounted steam cleaning
  • Eco-Friendly Bio-Disinfecting & Deodorizing
  • Green Guard Carpet Stain Protection
  • Stain Removal: We consider a permanent stain to be anything that does not come out with our carpet cleaning process and pre/post-treatment. Our technician will discuss any potential stains with you and give you treatment options that best suit your needs (cut out/patch, carpet dyeing, etc.).
  • FREE Spotter: One bottle of our green-certified professional stain remover for those “uh-oh” moments in between professional cleanings.

Add-on Carpet Cleaning Services:

Does your carpet need a little more love? 

  • Pet Urine/Vomit/Fecal/Unknown Odors: Unknown odors, human, environment, or pet urine odor treatments will be assessed during service. A forensic UV light inspection will be performed during your walk-through to determine if treatments outside of our 10-Step Cleaning process are required; if so, additional charges will be applied according to how much product, time, labor is needed to remedy the issue.
  • Restoration Cleaning: Blackened walk areas and excessive staining require more time and products. This will require additional cleaning steps and/or visits at an additional cost. While every attempt is made to fully remove stains some stains may wick back up after drying.
  • Setup Fee:  If your home or business is an extended distance from where the truck-mounted equipment is setup, you may be subject to an additional charge of $75. This includes but is not limited to: apartments/condos third floor or higher of the building, townhomes, or properties that sit farther than 150 feet from parking/truck setup, and if truck has to be setup and moved two or more times at the same location.

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Certified Skill

CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning understands the necessity of a proven process and industry expertise in the proper care and cleaning of carpets, which is why we’ve gone the extra mile and obtained IICRC certification. Our technicians and staff stay on top of critical industry developments by attending regular training on eco-friendly products and processes to offer you the best service in the business.    

Safely Eliminating Health Threats

Your safety is our priority, which is why CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning uses the highest-caliber equipment and techniques to eliminate a host of contaminants. Our teams work with professional-grade, truck-mounted cleaning and restoration machines with purified water systems to steam-clean your carpets. The process is so efficient that carpets are nearly dry to the touch after cleaning, so mold and mildew have no chance to settle in. 

Our post-cleaning treatments are designed to stamp out germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors while preventing future stains and making vacuuming more effective between cleanings.  

Ahead of the Curve on Eco-Friendly Products

Carpet cleaning companies are notorious for using harsh, harmful chemicals to get the job done. CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning rejects these chemicals in favor of 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products you can trust. Each of our products has certifications from:

  • Green Seal
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • WoolSafe
  • DfE

Our products are safe to use around children, the elderly, the immunocompromised, and pets of all sizes.

If you need world-class carpet cleaning services in Maryland, from Annapolis to Silver Spring, CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning is here to help. From commercial carpet cleaning to delicate jobs like Oriental and area rug cleaning, CLEAN Choice Rug Cleaning is the only choice for the safe and swift cleaning you deserve. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Cleaning

To clean carpets, we use a truck-mounted hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, method. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning method ensures the most thorough spot and dirt removal from your carpets. Using a specially designed water purifier on our trucks, the hot water works with the eco-friendly pre-spray to lift the toughest stains and deepest dirt. Then, using the truck’s engine to power it, the truck-mount uses its powerful suction to extract the dirt, allergens, and 95% of the moisture.

Truck-mounted steam cleaning is the only cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers and approved to keep your carpet warranty intact. To learn more about our cleaning process, click here.

All of our service trucks are equipped with the best and most effective 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. We take pride in knowing that the products used in your home or business are safe for people, especially children, the elderly, and people with allergies or other respiratory conditions; pets, including birds; and the environment. All products are certified Green.

If you have a question regarding any of the products used in your home, our service trucks and office have a copy of the MSDS sheets available for your review.

We charge by the square foot to ensure that you are paying for what is actually being cleaned and not being charged for two rooms when you have barely gone over the square footage minimum, like some of our competitors. Our per-square-foot pricing includes: pre-treating spots, moving light furniture, our 10-Step Cleaning, Disinfecting, Deodorizing, and Stain Protection Process, and a bottle of our Home Pro Spotter, for easy spot removal in between professional cleanings. We are upfront about our pricing from your first phone call to the time our certified technician completes their inspection. There are no hidden fees or up-selling.

Most of our estimates are done over the phone to save you time and money. We base your estimate on the average sizes of rooms that you need to have cleaned. If you would like a more accurate estimate, we recommend measuring the length and width of the room (heel-to-toe will work too!) before you call or email. If you would like an on-site residential estimate, there will be a minimum area charge; please call our office to find out the charge for your location.

We will move items that can safely be moved and put them back in place on protective tabs. Items that are generally moved by our technicians include: sofas (excluding sectionals), chairs, coffee tables, and end tables; all breakable items must be removed from these items before our arrival. Several items will not be moved, including but not limited to: beds, dressers, entertainment centers, pianos, pool tables, or other fragile furnishings.

These stains are commonly referred to as filtration or draft stains. These are caused by the dirt and dust settling around the edges of the room where there is little to no traffic. We will do our best to remove them fully during the first cleaning. However, depending on the severity and length of time between professional cleanings, they may not be fully removed. At a minimum, these stains will be lessened in appearance and will continue to lift after each professional cleaning.

We cannot guarantee that all spots or stains will be removed from your carpets. There are some substances that can permanently discolor carpet fibers, such as bleach, red dyes, and oil. Other factors can affect stain removal, such as age and material of the carpet, age of the stain, products used to clean the stain previously, and source of the stain. During the initial walkthrough, our technician will try to determine the likelihood of specific spot removal and let you know the expected outcome. Most spots do come out with our carpet cleaning process, but if some do not, their appearance will at least be lessened.

Although we do our best to remove most spots from the carpet, sometimes you may notice the spots reappearing during the drying process. This is referred to as wicking; this happens when a substance is removed from the carpet pile, but comes up from the carpet backing as it dries. Unfortunately, since we cannot see through to the carpet backing and pad, we cannot guarantee this will not happen.

Each job is unique, and our technicians take their time to explain our process to you and to ensure the most thorough cleaning. On average, you can expect the cleaning crew to be on location for about 2 hours for smaller jobs (500 sq. ft. or less), 3-4 hours for mid-sized jobs (600-800 sq. ft.), or 4-5 hours for larger jobs (900+ sq. ft.). If there are special requirements for your job, such as extended setup or pet damage, please allow for an extra hour or so. If you need to leave during our visit, we are insured and bonded and can lock up your home once we are finished. If you have any special time constraints, please let our office staff know at the time of scheduling.

Once your cleaning has been completed, your carpets will be damp to touch, not soaking wet as with some other companies. They will typically be completely dry in about 2-6 hours, depending on if pet treatments were need and the humidity level. The cleaned areas can be used immediately after cleaning, but we recommend wearing socks and placing towels or area rugs where wet carpets meet hard surfaces. You can also speed up the drying process by using floor or ceiling fans to help air circulation.


“Everything about this process was informative and professional. I felt like from the first phone call to meeting my Carpet Cleaning Service Provider on the day of, (that) the people at Clean Choice cared about me, my carpet and my family! It was never about money – that part was pretty straightforward with no hidden tricks or fees. It was about educating me on what was happening, what to look for, and how to best take care of my carpets. Can’t wait to use them again!

– B. Wallace of Ellicott City, Maryland

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We operate at the highest standard of excellence, backed by our many certifications and awards.

Family Owned And Locally Operated Since 1989

With 30+ years of experience, you can count on us to deliver excellent service and a great customer experience.

Licensed, Bonded And Insured

Our experts offer credible and reputable service, so you can have peace of mind when you work with us.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident that you will be satisfied with our service, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Eco-Friendly Process

As a leading carpet and rug cleaning company, we feature only the best eco-friendly cleaning products.

Upfront Pricing

Our team consistently provides the highest level of quality service at a fair and competitive cost.

Award Winning Service

We operate at the highest standard of excellence, backed by our many certifications and 5-star reviews.