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Common Carpet Cleaning Scams and How to Avoid Them

Posted on: November 27, 2012

A homeowner looking for help with his or her carpet cleaning is very common nowadays. It could be because of a busy schedule or maybe the carpet owner just doesn’t want to have to deal with cleaning the carpet which have made it very popular to hire professionals to help them out. It is a very attractive option as you won’t have to labor and to spend countless hours just to get the carpet clean.

But sadly, hiring a carpet cleaner doesn’t always end well for some homeowners. This is because there are unethical cleaners out there who are only interested to scam you out of your money without cleaning the carpet properly. These are the kinds of cleaners that you should avoid and in this article I will help you in spotting these scams and how not to fall for them. Check out some of the important advice below to help you avoid unethical carpet cleaners and their dirty tactics.

• Bait and Switch Techniques – Bait and switch technique is pretty common for unethical carpet cleaners. What they will do is offer a cleaning package of some kind which will get your attention because it is extremely cheap. Then, once you avail of their services they will tell you that the promotional package does not include the services that you want. This is very sneaky and unethical and a lot of people unfortunately fall for this. One good way to avoid being a victim of this technique is to never believe an offer or a deal from a company which does not have a good reputation. Always do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting a fair and genuine deal so that you won’t be paying and getting nothing in return.
• Carpet Cleaners Without a Guarantee – This is another technique that unethical carpet cleaners have. They will again offer you very low prices for their services so that you will engage them to clean your carpets. Then, they will visit your home and do a really bad job at cleaning the carpet. Any good homeowner will ask for them to redo their bad cleaning job and they will simply say that they don’t have a guarantee or that you must pay them to repeat their work. This is really not something that you would want to fall victim to. That is why you should think twice about hiring a cleaning company without first inquiring about what kinds of guarantees that they have. Also, try to stay away from professional cleaners who are not that reputable so that you won’t fall victim to this kind of scam.

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