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Cleaning Up Spilled Jell-o on the Carpet

Posted on: August 13, 2013

Jell-o is a really fun dessert that many people love to eat. It is tasty and comes in many different flavors which certainly make it more appealing to everyone. If you have not tried eating jell-o yet then you some people would probably say that you are missing half of your life.

While jell-o can be really fun and tasty, it can also cause cleaning issues at times. This can happen if you accidentally dropped the jell-o on your plate causing it to get spilled all over your carpet. This is really a tough situation for any person since jell-o spills will cause an ugly stain to develop.

If you are facing this tough ordeal and you don’t know what to do, read the post below to help you get your carpet clean and stain-free once more.

• Start off by removing the spilled jell-o on the carpet as soon as you can. Remember to do this right away so that you don’t make the situation a lot tougher than it has to be. Use a spoon to scoop up the spilled jell-o and then use some paper towels to blot the remaining liquid on your carpet.
• Get some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and apply some of it on a cotton ball. Use the cotton ball to blot the area a couple of times to help break down the jell-o stain. Continue doing this until the cotton ball becomes dry.
• Prepare a cleaning solution by combining a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with three cups of warm water. Place this inside an empty spray bottle and then take it with you to where the jell-o stain is located.
• Spray the jell-o stain with the cleaning solution you have made a couple of times. Let the solution soak the stain for a minute or so before using a clean white cloth to slowly blot the affected area. Blotting the jell-o stain will cause it to slowly be lifted and transfer from the carpet fibers and onto the surface of the cloth.
• Continue to blot the stained area of the carpet until all of it is removed. It could take some time but eventually it will be gone.
• Pour a glass of room temperature water on the place where the jell-o was spilled and then dry it using some clean towels. This last step is to avoid having any cleaning solution residue from getting left behind on your carpet fibers.

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