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Carpet Cleaning Guide: Removing Molds on the Carpet

Posted on: March 7, 2014

Molds can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is because mold can just pop up out of nowhere and it can happen in almost all areas of the home. While mold is more often found in the bathroom and kitchen because it thrives in moist areas, it does not always mean that you won’t find it in other parts of the house.

An area of the home where you never want to have molds is on your carpet. Carpets are expensive accessories that improve the aesthetic value of the home. You never want to ruin its appearance and condition which is why getting rid of molds on it should be a top priority for any homeowner.

To help you solve this tough cleaning problem on your carpet, here is a guide that I have prepared to help you remove the molds effectively and easily.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to remove the original carpet padding underneath the carpet. This is so you can thoroughly inspect the floor area beneath it. If the floor underneath it is wet then you must give it some time in order to allow it to dry before you add more padding over it.
  • If there is a cement floor under the padding you must wash it down with a cleaning solution. Try to make one yourself by combining a one part of bleach with one part of water. After washing the cement floor, use some clean rags to dry the area completely.
  • Now that you have addressed the problem underneath the carpet, the next thing that you would need to accomplish is to remove the mold on it. For this you would need to use a cleaning solution that is recommended for mold removal. As soon as you pick one, apply some of it on a scrub rush and then gently scrub the carpet fibers where the mold is found.
  • Continue scrubbing the carpet gently to ensure that you are not damaging the fibers. Be sure to keep on scrubbing until all of the mold stain is completely removed. It could sometimes take a while so you need to be patient and keep at it until the stain is gone.
  • Flush out any residue by rinsing the carpet with some clean water. Then, dry everything up with a wet/dry vac to complete the task.

Molds can be really tough to remove from the carpet but hopefully with the guide above you will have a definite edge in dealing with this carpet cleaning problem. Good luck!

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