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Pet Urine Odor Removal Services in Clarksville, Maryland

We perform a FREE ultraviolet bacteria inspection of your entire carpet to ensure we thoroughly clean what the eye cannot see.

Pet odor removal and urine cleaning in Clarksville, MD

Do you smell the evidence of pet urine or other odors when you come home? Pet stains not only pose an odor issue but also cause stains and underlying damage to carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and other surfaces. Spray cleaners only mask the smell and often leave behind a bleached out spot of their own. 

If you need professional pet urine and odor removal in the Clarksville, MD area, bring in the certified experts at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration. We use 250-degree steam cleaning and natural, organic, plant-based cleaners to fully extract pet urine stains and smells with a powerfully effective cleaning process.

To make an appointment or get a free quote, please call 410-978-6050 or contact us online now to ask about pet odor removal in Clarksville.

Professional Pet Odor & Urine Removal in Clarksville, MD

CLEAN Choice has solutions for the typical cat pee odor, dog poop stains, and other pet damage, as well as any other carpet stains and household odors that you need cleaned.

  • Dog or cat urine
  • Cat feces and vomit
  • Wet dog smell on carpet
  • Pet rabbit and rodent smells
  • Skunk odor
  • Plus cigarette odor cleaning and more

Options in Clarksville, MD for Pet Urine Cleaning and Odor Removal

Our process starts with a high-intensity UV sensor to locate urine spots and other pet stains. You may be surprised at how many places your dog or cat likes to urinate, and you definitely want all the stains getting cleaned!

Once we know the extent and location of the damage, CLEAN Choice will go over the treatment options. Usually, the solution involves sub-surface pad injections to thoroughly clean carpets down to the bottom and neutralize deposited filth and germs.

We can also provide a more complete restoration service by removing the contaminated carpet padding, cleaning the concrete or wood sub-floor, and applying our Odor Block Seal vapor barrier to prevent future smells from setting.

Whether you need a deep clean or carpet restoration, CLEAN Choice makes sure you get the most effective pet odor removal service in Clarksville. We finish the job with our exclusive Triple Plus+ Extreme odor eliminator that is 100% non-toxic with a mild, dissipating fragrance and green ingredients.

Why Choose CLEAN Choice for Pet Odor Removal in Clarksville?

Our customer reviews can testify to the success stories of our pet odor and stain removal services in Clarksville. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Certified eco-friendly pet cleaning
  • Plant-derived and non-toxic products
  • UV inspection to locate all pet stains
  • Purified water steam carpet cleaning
  • 24-hour emergency pet damage response
  • Proudly serving the Clarksville, MD area since 1989

Get a Free Quote for Clarksville Pet Cleaning

Enjoy healthier air and a cleaner home with eco-friendly pet odor removal by the certified experts at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration.

Call 410-978-6050 or schedule an appointment for urine removal and pet cleaning in Clarksville, MD.

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