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Tips in Removing Glue Stains on the Carpet

Glue is really useful for countless different reasons. It is definitely helpful in putting things back together such as broken mugs, vases and many more items. Glue can also be utilized in many office or school projects which is why it is definitely one item that you can find in many homes.

While glue can be really helpful with a lot of activities, it can also cause some cleaning problems that can be really frustrating. This is because sometimes the glue can get accidentally spilled on the carpet which will cause a nasty stain which can be really difficult to get rid of.

Glue stains on the carpet is not something that you would want to have. Unfortunately, this problem commonly happens in many households which is why you must know what to do in this situation. Here are some steps that you can follow to help you solve this carpet cleaning problem.

• The first step that you should do is to extract as much of the excess glue as fast as you can. Take a paper towel and slowly blot the spilled glue on your carpet. Be careful when doing this because as you never want to make things worse.
• The second step is to get rid of some more of the glue residue by using a cotton ball which has been doused with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to blot the affected area. Do this repeatedly until the cotton ball dries up.
• After performing the previous step, you would now need to make a cleaning solution that will help remove the stain which is left behind on the carpet. Use a teaspoon of white vinegar and mix it with a cup of warm water. Stir these two completely to make a potent solution that will help you remove the unwanted stain.
• Pour some of the vinegar-based solution on the glue stain on your carpet and let it set for a few minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth to slowly blot the stained area repeatedly. This will cause the stain to get lifted out of the carpet and onto the surface of the cloth. Continue with this until all of the stain is removed.
• After you have removed the stain, the last step that you would need to do is to flush out any residue that could potentially cause problems on your carpet over time. Do this by rinsing the area where the stained used to be with a glass of water and drying everything using clean towels or rags.

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