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Should I Clean My Carpets During Fall?

Posted on: September 20, 2016

Fall Carpet Cleaning

As the kids go back to school and you settle back into your normal routine, it’s easy to forget about chores you have been putting off, like carpet cleaning. It’s a chore that none of us really look forward to, but it is one that should absolutely be done regularly, especially during the fall.

Here’s why:

Dirty Carpets Not Only Look Bad, But They’re Loaded With Grime & Pollutants

These dirt particles act like sandpaper, breaking down carpet fibers every time you walk on them. That’s why it’s important for you to clean your carpets during fall.

Your Carpets Take a Major Beating In the Fall

Your carpets aren’t invincible. Dirt, leaves, and other fall debris can contaminate your carpet fibers easily, giving them a dirty appearance and unhealthy for you, your children, or your pets to walk or sit on. Add in salt, mud, and winter slush and your carpets could see a lot of abuse this winter. So, you’ll want to get them nice and clean before winter arrives.

You’re Home More Often

During the fall and winter, your family spends more time at home and indoors. Soon, guests will arrive for the holidays and will be spending more time in your home than usual. Cleaning the carpets will not only beautify your home, but it improves the indoor air quality in your home which is beneficial to the entire family.

Your Warranty May Be Void

Most people don’t realize that today’s carpet warranties require that you have your carpets professionally cleaned a minimum of once every 12-18 months by a CRI-Certified cleaner using cleaning products, equipment, systems, and services certified/specified with the CRI Seal of Approval.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you wait longer than 12-18 months to have your carpets cleaned, you could potentially void your warranty.

This is due to the damage debris that is tracked in can have on the carpet fibers as it is walked on. CLEAN Choice is a CRI-Certified SOA Provider and only uses certified products, equipment, and processes for your carpet cleaning project.


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