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6 Reasons You Should Power Wash Your Concrete Driveway


What does your driveway say about you?

It’s true – your driveway is one of the first things people notice about your home or commercial property. So what kind of impression are you making in your neighborhood? Whether you have a concrete or asphalt driveway, it’s vital that you regularly inspect it for damage, such as cracking and pitting, to avoid major (and expensive) repairs later on. To prevent damage and save both money and time, however, pressure washing is the perfect solution. Seven Brothers Pressure Washing in Florence, Kentucky provides professional cleaning solutions to help keep your home’s exterior in the best condition possible. Contact them today and enjoy the many benefits of routine maintenance. 

Protect Your Health

Yes, pressure washing your pavement helps to keep you and your loved ones healthy. The high water pressure gets deep into each groove and crevice in the concrete and blasts away the mold, mildew, and algae that have built up on the surface over time. These contaminants are harmful to breathe in and can cause serious allergic reactions, so power washing your driveway once per year will help keep the air around your home clean and fresh. You will also avoid tracking these substances into your home when you walk in and out. 

Eliminate Slipping Hazards

Stay healthy and safe with routine power washing! Mold and mildew create a soft, slippery texture that can pose a slipping hazard, especially when the surface is wet. With Maryland’s high annual precipitation, it’s important to keep your roadway clear of slip hazards and maintain its original rough texture. Keep you, your family, and your friends safe and call your local cleaning professional.  

Extend the Life of Your Driveway

Because pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method and is so effective at eliminating mold, mildew, algae, oil stains, and other common concrete enemies like weeds, it adds years to the life of your driveway! Substances like mold and mildew can and will deteriorate the surface over time, leading to cracking and pitting. Once cracks form, weeds may begin growing in between and gradually cause them to widen. Pressure washing is the perfect preventative measure against early repairs!

Save Money!

Have a happy and healthy driveway and save money at the same time – a win-win solution! Pressure washing is really an investment that saves you money down the road. A good driveway should last at least 20 years, so you shouldn’t have to deal with major repairs or a full replacement before then. Power washing is a simple step you can take today that can go a long way in keeping your pavement healthy and lasting 20 years and more.

Save Time With Less Maintenance

Pressure washing is highly efficient – period. It gets into each tiny groove in the concrete and quickly eliminates all dirt and grime that sometimes you can’t even see. Scrubbing each stain requires a lot of time and energy that, let’s be honest, you may not have (we understand). Instead, hire a professional to get the job done in under a couple of hours without you lifting a finger. Your local pressure washing company will take care of the dirty work while you take care of other things on your to-do list (including relaxing).


Raise Property Value & Boost Curb Appeal

Last but certainly not least, regularly pressure washing your pavement boosts curb appeal and raises property value. Both residential and commercial properties benefit – keeping your driveway, walkways, and/or parking lot clean gives a good first impression, welcomes visitors or potential customers, keeps everyone safe and healthy, and saves time and money on maintenance. Your driveway is a major part of your property that deserves regular TLC. Get started today!

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