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Why Carpet Is the Best Flooring Option for Your Home


can be very difficult. Whether you’re a new homeowner looking for the best option for your needs and tastes or an empty nester who’s thinking about renovation and wants to know what’s out there, carpet can provide a huge range of benefits — so many that we heartily recommend it to anyone! Here’s why.

Excellent Added Soundproofing

The hardwood flooring in those older or historic homes can be plenty charming for sure. But your home isn’t a showroom or a tourist location. You need to live here, and one of the biggest drawbacks of a hardwood floor is the constant echoes, creaking, and sounds of shoes and booted feet clomping around the house.

Carpets absorb soundwaves exceptionally well. A good-quality, standard-pile carpet can reduce indoor noise anywhere from 20-30 decibels, or potentially more. It also mitigates outdoor noises, making it far more tolerable to live near a roadside or noisy neighbors.

Improved Home Comfort Levels

Wood and stone are pretty, but they’re also cool to the touch. On a cold winter evening or early morning, that’s the last thing you want to feel on your toes. Carpet is also a great insulator, which not only avoids problems with chilled feet on a hard surface but also actually helps your home hold on to its warmth throughout the day and evening.


Highly Cost-Efficient

While you can find “affordable” hardwood for flooring, it’s unfortunately the type you really don’t want in your home. Lower-end wood flooring is hard to maintain, looks pretty rough, and carries a very short life span. Carpeting comes in an extremely wide range of prices, many of which are more affordable than wood or stone, even on the higher end. This means you can more easily get a great value and a top-quality product, without having to take out a bank loan for flooring.

Versatile Material With Tons of Options

Carpeting is versatile in just about every sense of the word, offering:

  • Tons of material options like cotton, jute, nylon, olefin and wool
  • A vast range of design options, suitable for practically any home style
  • Nearly limitless colors
  • Tons of price points, perfect for fitting into even a tight budget

Overall, it’s just easier to get carpeting that fits your home and room. Far more so than it is to try to bend a room into something that’ll look good with wood flooring.

Kid- & Family-Friendly Flooring

We’ve all seen enough rug burns and scuffs in our lives to know that no flooring is completely safe for kids. Or, at least, not all of them. One of the really great things about carpet is that there are materials that will keep your family safer. While wood offers no safe fall-breaking, carpeting does, and options like wool are also pretty effective at preventing rug burns.

Additionally, carpets can be treated with stain-resistant materials, which make spills less of a threat. Hardwood, however, is very hard to protect from a wayward sippy cup.


Take Care of Your Carpets With CLEAN Choice!

You have to take care of your carpets in order for them to be able to take care of you! By scheduling routine carpet cleaning on top of your own usual upkeep, you can get decades of use out of your carpet investment. And we’re just the team to provide these services.

Our team has been handling the carpet cleaning needs of Maryland homeowners for years. Call (410) 978-6050 or contact us online to find out more!

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