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Advice in Removing Old Carpet Stains

Having a beautiful carpet in your home is really something that every homeowner can be proud of. It is really useful in not only making your home look a lot better but it likewise offers protection for you and your family from nasty spills on a slippery floor.

A beautiful and clean carpet at home is really a sight to behold for any proud homeowner. But your smile can quickly turn into a frown if you suddenly see an old stain on your prized asset. Old carpet stains are really tough to handle since it has already dried up and is really going to be stubborn to remove.

It is always best to deal with carpet stains while they are still fresh but if you are already facing an old stain then you must know what to do in this situation. Check out the helpful post below to find out how you can remove old carpet stains easily.

Hydrogen peroxide can be really helpful in removing old carpet stains. Get a bottle of it and try it out by adding a few drops to an inconspicuous part of the carpet. This will ensure that the hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on your carpet. If it does not have any negative effects you may proceed in using it to get rid of the old carpet stain.

Place some of the hydrogen peroxide inside an empty spray bottle and then spray the affected area a few times. Let it soak the old carpet stain for a few minutes in order to loosen the stain. After about five minutes you can proceed to the next step.

Get an old toothbrush and start brushing the old stain in order to loosen it up some more. Just be careful not to brush the stain to other unaffected areas of the carpet. Keep it isolated in the area so that you won’t have any further problems.

By this time some of the stain will have already come off but you would still need to perform some steps to completely eliminate it. Spray the area with hydrogen peroxide again and let it set for three minutes. Then, use a wet/dry vac to extract the liquid as well as the stain on your carpet.

Use a clean white cloth to blot the area once more. Continue blotting until you are able to eliminate the entire stain on your carpet.

The last step is to pour a glass of water on the area you just cleaned. This helps in removing any residue that could remain on your carpet fibers. After doing so, use some clean towels to dry the area completely.

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