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When is it Time for a Repair? 5 Signs You’re in Need of Area & Oriental Rug Repairs


Area rugs and Oriental rugs often become an integral part of our homes, serving as both a comfy place to rest your feet and a key aspect of décor.

While you may believe that replacement is the only option when your area rug begins to age, there are plenty of situations in which area rug repair is the better option, especially if the rug is a treasured family heirloom.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that area and Oriental rug cleaning technology has come a very long way! You may think your rug is a lost cause, but our Master Rug Cleaner can tackle more rug problems than you might think. If you notice your rug shows any of the 5 most common rug damages explained below, we encourage you to contact an expert in rug cleaning, odor removal & rug repairs like the CLEAN Choice team.

5 Telltale Signs That It’s Time for Oriental & Area Rug Repair

1.     Extensive Wear & Fading 

The best way to keep a rug looking new and fresh is through regular professional cleanings, which can help identify areas in need of rug repair before the damage becomes irreparable. Our Master Rug Cleaner can fix this damage by reweaving missing sections, securing loose fringe, replacing missing fringe, re-dyeing discolored areas and so much more! To further help reduce wear and fading, we also offer custom-cut rug pads to help extend the life of your rug.

Don’t wait until your rug starts falling apart – schedule a cleaning and repairs today!

2.     Fraying, Unravelling & Shedding

Area Rug Repair Before and AfterOriental and area rugs are meant to be walked and “lived” on.  Over time, the pile of the rug can start to wear away, causing shedding, fraying, and, in extreme cases, unraveling. If a rug is properly cared for and regularly cleaned, damage can be minimal, but once the pile has been worn away or significantly damaged, it becomes impossible to reverse with cleaning alone.

Luckily, there are a few options to repair this and improve the overall look of your rug: the pile can be sheared to remove the top layer of distortion, revealing the bright colors underneath; a secure stitch can be put in place to prevent the rug from further fraying and unraveling; or a new side cord can be attached to keep the foundation of the rug intact. If you have a thin or inexpensive rug, then replacement may be the way to go, unless you have sentimental attachment.

3.     Heavy Staining 

Area and Oriental rug staining is inevitable when you have pets, kids, or are just “living” on your rug. Most stains can be removed with a professional rug cleaning, but some of the more stubborn ones may require more attention and even repair work. For those stubborn stains that cleaning alone doesn’t remove, rug repair options include dyeing the stain to match the existing color of the rug fiber, shearing the top layer of the rug fiber off to remove the stained fibers, or cutting out the stain entirely and re-weaving the area.

Whether you have pet stains from last night or wine stains from last New Year’s festivities, the team at CLEAN Choice can make your rug look like it never happened – schedule your area rug cleaning and rug repairs today!

4.     Lingering Pet Odors & More

Odors caused by spills, pet dander, pet urine, or smoke (cigarette & fire damage) can often be worked out of the fibers of a rug. Regular deep cleanings will tackle odors on most rugs easily, but in some cases, like tufted rugs, the odors can penetrate the backing. In this situation, the glue and backing can be removed and replaced with new, which can extend the life of your rug. However, if you’re not attached to the rug, it may be better to replace it with a new one that does not have a backing to limit the risk of permanent odors. Whether you replace the rug or have the backing repaired, it is always a good option to purchase our custom-cut rug pad to prevent any future odors from permeating the flooring underneath.

Don’t let a little odor ruin your rug forever – call an area and Oriental rug professional to clean and repair your smelly rug today!

5.     Irregular Shape/Bunching

After being walked on and used for a number of years, area rugs can start to lose their shape or start “bunching” up. When Oriental and area rugs start to lose their shape, you’ll start to notice that their once perfectly squared look is taking on an irregular form. When this happens, it can throw the entire look of the room off. Depending on the material and construction, rugs that are starting to take on an irregular shape can sometimes be stretched back to square.

However, when the rug has been out of shape for an extended period of time or is not constructed properly, getting them back to square may not be possible. If your rug has been misshapen for years, it may be time to start shopping for a new one.

If you are attached to your rug and would like to save it, contact us to see what options there are and if the rug is worth the cost of repair.


Whether your rug is looking a little dingy, emitting a foul odor, or has lost its shape, the team at CLEAN Choice is ready to help. Our innovative rug cleaning and restoration process ensures that if your rug can be cleaned and repaired, it will be.

Contact us online now to find out more about our rug repair, rug cleaning, and carpet cleaning services, or call (410) 978-6050!

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