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Certified Quality Service Satisfaction Guaranteed

Certified Quality Service Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cat Urine Odor Removal: Odor Block Seal Services in Baltimore, MD

Pet Urine Removal Services in Baltimore

Unfortunately, many Baltimore homes have been subjected to dog and cat urine. This issue then becomes necessary to do a complete urine treatment at one point or another. However, all hope is not lost for our furry friends as well as your interior home flooring. CLEAN Choice’s exclusive “Odor Block” has been formulated to completely eliminate odors from porous and difficult-to-treat materials such as:

  • Concrete Flooring
  • Wall Surfaces

Our Odor Block destroys odors and establishes a positive gas vapor barrier to lock odors away from the living environment.

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Cat Urine Odor Block Seal Application


Pad Removal and Cement Floor “Odor Block Sealing” in Baltimore

We begin this carpet cleaning process the same way we do every service—by carefully inspecting your carpet with our forensic high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. This process helps us to determine the level, locations, and the extent of urine, vomit, or fecal contamination. This is the most important step in the entire process.

Most carpet cleaning companies in Baltimore, Maryland do not perform this important step. Using our UV light, similar to ones used at crime scenes, we can assess the damage to the entire surface area. Nine times out of 10, customers are surprised as to how damaged their carpet is.

CLEAN Choice Odor Block Seal Treatment Process:

  1. Remove bag and dispose of all affected carpet cushion and padding.
  2. Next, we treat the concrete sub-floor with an organic bio-enzyme product and let it soak to kill maximum bacteria.
  3. Using our 250 degree truck mount, at 1,500 psi, we high pressure steam clean the sub-floor to remove maximum contamination, soil, and stains.
  4. We set up high velocity speed dry fans in your Baltimore home to accelerate drying the floor.
  5. Next, we apply our exclusive Odor Block odor-neutralizing sealer with an odor barrier that is designed specifically for use on porous, difficult-to-treat materials, like cement, and wall surfaces. It creates a positive gas vapor barrier that locks odors away from the living environment.
  6. New carpet pads are installed, we recommend carpet designed for pets, like StainMaster(CLEAN Choice does not install carpet or pad).
  7. The carpet pile and backing are treated with our organic bio-enzyme product and reinstalled.
  8. We finish the treatment with a complete deep steam cleaning of the entire room or area.
  9. After we thoroughly rinse the entire area, we apply a generous application of Triple Plus+ Extreme Sanitizer and Fresh Green Scent Deodorizer to the carpet surface to ensure all bacteria are killed.

Scheduling Pet Urine Removal in Baltimore

If your carpet is damaged beyond being able to extract cat urine odors and bacteria, CLEAN Choice carpet recommends replacing the existing padding as well as the carpet in your Baltimore, Maryland home.

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