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How to Prevent Carpet Shedding

Posted on: February 17, 2020

Carpet shedding is a serious issue for some homeowners. When you’re enjoying your home and your carpeting, you shouldn’t have to worry about it leaving fibers behind on your clothes or shoes. If you’re experiencing carpet shedding, there are solutions to consider. Here is a closer look at why carpets sometimes shed and what you can do to stop the madness.

Normal Carpet Shedding Versus Times for Concern


When you have new carpeting installed, some shedding is completely normal. Cut pile carpets that have spun yarns will shed, as will wool carpet and shag carpet. Though shedding may be frustrating, if the carpet is new, this early shedding won’t affect its overall performance and look. It’s simply something normal that happens with new carpet or rugs. The shedding will reduce and stop almost altogether after the first few months that you have the carpet in your home.

If shedding continues after the first few months of owning the carpet, then it may be a problem with the carpet fibers themselves. In this case, discuss your concern with the manufacturer. Also, if you run your hands along the carpet and notice fibers that stick up higher than others, and if those are loose when you pull on them, you may have problematic shedding.


Examples of Carpet Shedding


How to Maintain Carpet to Keep Carpet from Shedding

So what can you do if you are concerned about carpet shedding? First, when purchasing your carpet, make sure you choose high-quality products. However, if you already have a carpet and want to maintain it well to prevent future shedding, here’s what you can do:


  • Vacuum lightly and regularly.
  • Vacuum with the grain.
  • Avoid putting the vacuum on the setting closest to the ground.
  • Add a throw rug on top if you have a high-traffic area that seems to be at greater risk of shedding.
  • Invest in regular professional carpet cleaning to address deep-down dirt and loose fibers.

While there may not be much you can do to keep carpet from shedding when you first install it, you can preserve carpet integrity with good care.

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