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Pet Urine Odor Removal Services in Briggs Chaney, Maryland

We perform a FREE ultraviolet bacteria inspection of your entire carpet to ensure we thoroughly clean what the eye cannot see.

Pet odor removal and urine cleaning in Briggs Chaney, MD

CLEAN Choice knows how to remove pet odors from your Briggs Chaney home or apartment, even when all the cleaning in the world seems to leave behind a smell. That’s because we use a forensic ultraviolet inspection to locate the hidden sources of odors and then treat the floor and carpet with organic enzymes and natural cleaning solutions to completely eradicate the odor and germs.

If you need a professional-grade solution for pet odor, urine odor, or stains in the Briggs Chaney area of Silver Springs, please get in touch with CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration.

Call us now at 410-978-6050 to get a free custom estimate!

Briggs Chaney Pet Odor Removal Services

We are leaders in certified green carpet cleaning and pet damage repair in the Briggs Chaney area. Our most popular service is our eco-steam carpet cleaning, which uses a 350-horsepower Hemi engine to power a 250-degree steam cleaning process. Purified water steam and industrial-strength extraction work together to kill germs and rinse your floors for a like-new clean.

For pet odor removal, we can take things a step further with carpet pad injections and an odor-blocking seal. Here’s a rundown of our Briggs Chaney pet urine removal process:

  • High-intensity UV light forensics to discover all urine spots
  • Sub-surface carpet pad injections with Triple Plus+ Extreme bio-enzymes
  • Pre-cleaning with TRUE-GREEN BabySafe™, our organic carpet stain removal treatment
  • 250º steam cleaning rinse by our truck-mounted system
  • Additional Triple Plus+ enzyme cleaning as needed
  • If necessary, we can also remove urine-damaged carpet pads and cushions, treat the concrete sub-floor below with our Odor Block vapor barrier, and restore the carpet after everything has been cleaned and dried

Safe, Eco-Friendly Urine Odor Removal in Briggs Chaney, Maryland

Our pet odor removal process might sound intense, but the cleaning products we use are all 100% non-toxic and safe for use around you, your pets, and your family. 

CLEAN Choice uses eco-friendly cleaners and techniques that are Green Seal certified, carry the CRI Seal of Approval and meet the EPA Design for the Environment guidelines. Our team is also IICRC certified, which signifies adherence to best practices for the industry.

After all, what you really want is a clean, healthy home for you and your pets—so it’s important to use a Briggs Chaney pet cleaning service that is safe for both people and animals.

Renting or Buying a New Home in Briggs Chaney, Maryland?

CLEAN Choice offers home inspection services for the Briggs Chaney area. We perform a forensic high-intensity ultraviolet inspection of all rooms, closets, attic, and crawl spaces of the home or unit. We then determine the amount of urine damage in the space so it can be cleaned, or you can determine the cost for replacement.

Request Pet Odor Removal Services in Briggs Chaney, MD

We know how to give your home a clean slate with effective cleaning for pet urine and odor removal, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Briggs Chaney pet cleaning technicians will do everything it takes to eliminate the germs and odors at the source.

Call us now at 410-978-6050 for dog and cat urine odor removal and cleaning or complete floor and carpet cleaning services in Briggs Chaney or elsewhere in Montgomery County, MD.

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