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Tips in Removing Hair Spray Stains on the Carpet

Posted on: January 30, 2013

Hair spray is really great when it comes to allowing you to style and sculpt your hair any way you want. It is very helpful whenever you are preparing to go out on a hot date or even just hanging out with your friends.

But hair spray can sometimes be a source of problems for homeowners too. This happens when you accidentally get some of the hair spray you are using on the surface of your carpet at home. Hair spray is good when applied to your hair but it can create a lot of trouble when it is applied inadvertently on your carpet. It causes an ugly stain as well as leaving your carpet fibers clumped together.

Cleaning up this mess can be a real hassle but you can make it a lot more manageable if you know the right things to do. Check out the guide below to help you in addressing this carpet cleaning problem.

• To clean up the stain on your carpet, it is vital that you act as quickly as possible in clearing up the mess. Try to remove any excess hair spray by using a paper towel to blot the affected area immediately.
• Next, you would need to apply some water onto the hair spray stain on your carpet. This will help in preventing the stain from drying up and becoming a lot more difficult to remove. Just add a few drops of water and then blot the area again with some paper towels.
• After the previous step, it is now time for you to apply a cleaning solution on the stain. The cleaning solution will help neutralize the stain and remove it slowly. Use a mixture of one part dish washing liquid and four parts warm water and apply the resulting solution onto the hair spray stain.
• Let the cleaning solution you have just made set on the carpet first for a minute or two. Then, use a clean white cloth to repeatedly blot the affected area. This will cause the stain to slowly be removed and eventually your carpet will be nice and clean once more.
• Pour a cup of water onto the area where the stain was to flush out any residue that could get left behind. Then, dry it up with a wet/dry vac or some clean rags.

Cleaning up hair spray stains can be tough but hopefully the guide above will help you in solving this annoying carpet cleaning problem.

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