Tile & Grout Cleaning & Grout Color Seal in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

No More Scrubbing on Your Hands & Knees to Clean Your Tile Floors!

Get your time back on weekends and let CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration clean your tile and grout!

Eco-Friendly Tile & Grout Services in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

It’s no secret that tile cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult process. And unfortunately, if you’re not using the correct tools and grout cleaning products, you’re more likely making the problem worse! Regular damp mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the embedded soil and bacteria that lies deep within the pores of the grout lines. If you have dirty tile and grout in your foyer, kitchen or bathroom, we can help.

At CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration, our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores and transforms the look of your tile floors. We can also add the optional application of color seal that will make them look like a completely new floor (and it comes with a 10 year warranty!).

Thousands of CLEAN Choice homeowners and businesses in Annapolis, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Laurel, Severn, Silver Spring, and surrounding areas swear by our green eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning service, and we know that you will too! Call us at (410) 995-9898 or book your service online today!
"We have been in our condo for 12 years and a few years after moving in we noticed that the grout on our bathroom floors was getting discolored. I contacted CLEAN Choice and had them clean and reseal the grout, making it look brand new. Over the next several years we’ve had them return to maintain its pristine condition. This is a family owned business with excellent service, both the office staff and the technicians. We recommend this company without reservation."
Eunice K., Ellicott City MD
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Our Green & Eco-Friendly Tile & Grout Cleaning

Patented Tile & Grout Cleaning Solutions

We use a healthier and safer 100% non-toxic totally GREEN PROCYON pre-cleaner designed specifically for deep cleaning tile and grout — resulting in an effective clean with a sparkling finish. We then scrub each individual grout line with our specially designed grout brush.

Truck-Mounted Deep Steam Cleaning System

We use a truck-mounted deep steam cleaning system that has 1000 psi high pressure, 250-degree heat, and plenty of vacuum.

Patented Tile & Grout Cleaning Tools

Using tools designed specifically for deep cleaning tile and grout we scrub each individual grout line, leaving your grout cleaner than ever before.

Totally Green Deep Cleaning Process

Includes a green pre-conditioning, grout scrub step, and final deep steam rinse.
"Like new tile floor! The improvement of my kitchen floor is amazing after having them cleaned and grout color sealed. It looks like brand new grout."
Melissa T., Linthicum
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Grout Color Sealing Service

Once we revive, restore and rejuvenate your tile and grout floors, we can apply our patented grout color seal or re-coloring sealer. This will make your grout lines water, oil, and stain resistant as well as mold and mildew resistant. Our patented grout color seal and grout recolor seal is available in 48 colors to transform the look of your tiles.

After this is applied, the cleaning of your tile floors will be as simple as using just a pinch of dish soap and hot water to clean and a touch of vinegar to kill any bacteria. Our grout recoloring also comes with a 10-year guarantee.

What Are the Benefits of Grout Color Seal & Grout Recoloring Seal?

  • Transforms any tile and grout floor like we tore it out and replaced with a totally new floor
  • Application is dry and ready for full use in 1 hour
  • Is designed to outperform all other brands in coverage, adhesion, abrasion, stain resistance, and chemical resistance
  • Is the only waterproof grout recoloring seal product designed to hold up to high heat / pressure truck-mount cleaning
  • Is a premium, commercial-grade product that won’t chip, flake, or peel
  • Allows you to change the color of your existing grout to match your tile better
  • Is more sanitary than your old grout and maintains a more natural look
  • Requires no aggressive cleaning chemicals
  • Can be maintained effectively with environmentally-safe cleaners
  • It will restore to a like new condition whenever grout recolor seal is re-applied
  • Less expensive to maintain over floor lifespan
  • 10 year warranty guarantee (requires annual CLEAN Choice tile floor cleaning)
"The CLEAN Choice team was outstanding in every respect from the first contact with the office, to completion of the work. They are very knowledgeable and highly professional, and know the science of cleaning extremely well. The team cleaned and grout matched a 20-year-old kitchen tile floor and transformed it to looking new and beautifully updated! We will be in touch with CLEAN Choice soon!"
Marian D., Lutherville-Timonium
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Tile & Grout Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Tile & Grout?

When cleaning tile and grout, we use a special grout cleaner to loosen up as much dirt as possible. We then scrub each individual grout line with our specially designed grout brush. After we have scrubbed the grout lines, we use our truck-mounted hot water extraction system to clean the entire surface of your floors, leaving them sparkling bright and cleaner than ever.

Can You Clean the Tile & Grout in My Shower or On My Counters?

Unfortunately, we are only able to clean tile and grout flooring. We are not able to clean tile and grout in bathroom stalls or on walls, countertops, or backsplashes.

Can You Clean Vinyl, Laminate, or Linoleum?

Due to the power of our cleaning equipment, we are unable to clean tile imitation, such as vinyl, laminate, or linoleum. These floors are not able to withstand the heat or power of our cleaning method. Cleaning these types of floors incorrectly could lead to damage and costly repairs.

Can You Seal My Tile & Grout?

We can seal your grout lines. However, we do not offer a sealant for individual tiles. We offer a Color Seal service that will seal your existing grout and help prevent stains, odors, and mold from penetrating your grout lines. When maintained properly, color seal can last up to 10 years. With over 48 color options, from whites and browns to reds and blues, we can match just about any color tile and style preference.

My Floors Need Repairs. Do You Fix or Replace the Grout & Tiles?

We are unable to repair or replace missing grout or broken tiles. If you choose to have color seal applied, we can attempt to fill in any areas of missing grout for aesthetics, but it will not actually be repaired or replaced.

I Need My Floors Stripped or Waxed. Can You Do That?

Unfortunately, we are not able to strip, wax, or buff tile floors of any kind. Our process is strictly a truck-mounted hot water extraction method.
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