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Steps to Eliminate Milk Shake Stains on the Rug

Posted on: March 12, 2013

A beautiful rug is really a sight to behold. It can instantly change the mood and atmosphere of any room you place it in, adding more beauty and sophistication. That is why it has become a really popular home accessory among homeowners.
Buying a rug though and properly maintaining one can be two completely different things. The latter is much more difficult since you would have to deal with a plethora of cleaning problems on a regular basis. A common issue that is troubling many homeowners is handling spills and stains on the rug. An example of stain which can be difficult to clean is milk shake stains.
Kids and adults alike love to enjoy milk shakes. It is delicious and will definitely keep you cool on a hot afternoon. But when it accidentally gets spilled on the rug it can create quite a mess. To help you in dealing with this kind of problem at home, here is a simple guide that you can follow.
• Remove the spilled milk shake on the rug as soon as you can to limit the amount of liquid which will penetrate the deep portions of the rug. Use a spoon to remove the spilled milk shake and for those which cannot be removed by a spoon anymore you can use a clean white cloth or a sponge to extract it.
• After removing the spill on the rug, the next thing that you must do is to prepare a cleaning solution that will eliminate the stain. The milk shake stain can be stubborn which is why using the right cleaning solution is important. Use a combination of one part white vinegar with four parts of warm water to create a really effective cleaning solution you can use on the stain.
• Apply some of the cleaning solution you have made onto the affected area of the rug. Let a few minutes pass to allow the solution to work on the stain. Then, get a clean white cloth and slowly blot the affected area.
• Continue blotting the milk shake stain on the rug until it is completely eliminated. It could take some time but it is important that you stay patient as your carpet will eventually be clean and just like new.
• Get a glass of room temperature water and the pour it on the area you just cleaned. This helps in flushing out any residue that could get left behind. Then. dry the area with some clean towels to complete the task.

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