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Simple Steps to Get Rid of Coconut Juice from the Carpet

Posted on: February 21, 2013

Every time I see coconut juice I can’t help but relate it to palm trees and a warm sunny beach. This is because coconut juice is a really refreshing drink that is often associated with the summer and the beach. But the great thing about it is that you can enjoy it almost anywhere even if you are miles and miles away from any body of water.

Coconut juice is good for our body and it is really tasty too which is why many people enjoy it all the time. Just don’t spill it on your carpet as it can create quite a mess which will surely ruin its appearance. Coconut juice spills can cause an ugly stain that you never want to have which is why you must clean it quickly to get your carpet back to normal.

This kind of problem is quite challenging but it can be made a little easier if you know the right things to do. Check out the steps below to help you in solving this predicament.

Try to remove as much of the juice from the carpet by using a clean white cloth to blot the affected area. You can also use a clean sponge to dab the area until you are able to get all of it out of the carpet fibers.
Once you have extracted the spilled juice, the next thing you must accomplish is making a simple, homemade cleaning solution to get rid of the nasty stain which has been left behind on the carpet. You can make this by combining a teaspoon of clear ammonia and a cup of warm water. The ammonia not only helps in fighting the stain but also in neutralizing any bad odor which can be caused by the spill.
Apply some of the cleaning solution you have made onto the coconut juice and let a few minutes pass before doing anything else. Afterward, use a clean white cloth and blot the stain again and again. Blotting is essential if you want to lift the stain out of the carpet and onto the surface of the cloth. Continue this step until the entire juice stain is gone.
With the stain removed, the last remaining thing you have to do is to flush out any residue that could get left behind. Just rinse the carpet area you finished cleaning with a glass of water and then dry it with a wet/dry vac. This will ensure that there will be no residue staying behind in your carpet fibers.

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