Power of Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning in Odenton

There’s a clear winner when it comes to carpet cleaning technology. Rather than using a small, portable device with warm water, our professionals can use 250-degree steam with a heavy-duty truck-mounted extraction system. Our process is safe for your carpets, friendly to the environment, and the best carpet cleaning in Odenton, hands down!

Our Odenton, MD Carpet Cleaning Process

We take numerous steps to deliver the deepest carpet cleaning in Odenton. As an IICRC-certified and CRI-SOA approved carpet cleaner, every step is designed to provide safe, thorough cleaning and stain removal.

There are more than 10 steps in our Odenton carpet cleaning, but here’s a brief summary:

  • Inspection and Preparation – We perform a UV inspection to locate hidden stains that might be hiding pet odors and other filth, and we move furniture and protect your belongings.
  • Pre-Cleaning – We use an organic, antimicrobial pre-cleaner at 180º and let it soak a few minutes to kill germs and loosen dirt.
  • Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction – Our professional-grade truck mount steam cleaner heats purified water up to 250º to boost our Green Seal-approved polymer cleaners for the most powerful carpet cleaning in Odenton!
  • Green Protection – We remove more germs and odors with a 100% non-toxic blend of green sanitizers, and we can add our GREEN GUARD stain protector for a better vacuum cleaning in between your next round of Odenton carpet cleaning!
  • Fast Drying – Our powerful rinse extraction and high-velocity fans get your carpet drier faster!

Certified, Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Odenton, MD

We have attained the industry’s leading certifications for proper carpet cleaning from IICRC and CRI-SOA Gold Level. Using certified carpet cleaners in Odenton is necessary to maintain your carpet warranty!

CLEAN Choice also uses products and techniques certified eco-friendly by Green Seal, EPA-DfE, IAQ, and WoolSafe.

Don’t just rely on the fancy titles — read our customer testimonials to hear why we’re the best carpet cleaners in Odenton!

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