Carpet Cleaning Crofton Maryland

Superior Steam Carpet Cleaning in Crofton, MD

Wondering whether professional carpet cleaners can really provide a better result than store-bought products or rented equipment? The difference lies in the power and technology of our PURE GREEN system. Those portable steam cleaners you might have tried probably failed to deep clean or the results didn’t last long—because they lack the proper steam power and leave moisture, germs, and soapy residue on the carpet. CLEAN Choice goes several steps further!

Our Crofton carpet cleaners use advanced, certified cleaning technology:

  • 250-degree eco-steam from purified water
  • 100% non-toxic, organic, plant-derived cleaning products
  • IICRC-certified technicians who properly pre-treat, pre-clean, and revive matted carpet before beginning the steam cleaning process
  • CRI-SOA, GREEN SEAL, EPA-DfE, Wool Safe, and IAQ approved products
  • TRUE GREEN BabySafe™ cleaning solution, an all-natural organic cleaner
  • Truck-mounted 340-hp extraction to remove the most dirt, stains, pet urine, allergens, and impurities
  • No sticky soap or detergent residue left to ruin the feel of your carpet and attract germs later!

Crofton’s Certified Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners

You care about the safety and healthiness of the cleaning products used in your home or office in Crofton, and so do we! CLEAN Choice has always been committed to using safe, effective cleaning products using proven, eco-friendly solutions.

For starters, the backbone of our carpet cleaning method is pure water steam cleaning. Our truck motor–powered steam cleaner reaches higher temperatures and uses cleaner water than “the other guys.” This kills more bacteria and mold, removes tougher stains, and does it all without relying on detergents, bleach, or brighteners.

The sanitizing and deodorizing products we use for carpet cleaning in Crofton come with eco-friendly peace of mind. The GREEN SEAL of approval and all our certifications back up our work, and our IICRC-certified technicians are knowledgeable about, and committed to, bringing you the greenest carpet cleaning in Crofton!

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Our Cleaning Services Include:

Make the CLEAN Choice for Carpet Cleaning in Crofton, MD

CLEAN Choice gives you back a fluffy, soft, comfortable carpet and rugs, the kind that you enjoy walking on barefoot, or playing with your kids on the floor. For commercial carpet cleaning in Crofton, you can get a showroom-quality carpet again that keeps your team comfy on their feet all day long.

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