Amazing Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning in Clarksville

The effectiveness of steam carpet cleaning depends on the purity of the water, high temperature steam, and powerful rinse and extraction. CLEAN Choice uses a 340-hp truck and ultra-purified water to deliver the best steam carpet cleaning in Clarksville.

Our 250-degree eco-steam system can break up grime, loosen debris, and free up those old pet urine stains, food spills, and track marks. Don’t settle for a weaker carpet cleaning that allows stains to reappear weeks later; CLEAN Choice can provide the best, longest-lasting carpet cleaning in Clarksville!

Hypoallergenic, Eco-Friendly Clarksville Carpet Cleaners

Do you prefer organic cleaners in your home? Do you need a non-toxic carpet cleaner in Clarksville who can protect family members with asthma or allergies? You’ll be glad to know that CLEAN Choice uses only certified green carpet cleaning techniques!

We’re trusted by schools, offices, hotels, and hospices because each step of our Clarksville carpet cleaning process is safe for everybody! About our Pure Green carpet cleaning method:

  • Certified by Green Seal, the IICRC, CRI-SOA, and EPA-DfE
  • Organic bio-enzyme pre-cleaners
  • 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly sanitizer and deodorizer
  • GREEN GUARD stain protector
  • Powerful extraction and high-velocity fans to dry quickly
  • No soaps, no detergents, no residue!

Why Choose a Certified Carpet Cleaner in Clarksville, MD?

At CLEAN Choice, we bring you certified technicians and cleaning methods. It’s not just about fancy titles—you can trust that we clean carpets in Clarksville better than the other guys! We’re bound to provide honest pricing and proven methods.

Certified carpet cleaning in Clarksville by CLEAN choice means:

  • We never use toxic chemicals
  • We never resort to using optical brighteners
  • Our technicians are IICRC and CRI-SOA certified, with ongoing education and training
  • Your carpet manufacturer warranty will be maintained
  • We guarantee satisfaction—we’ll re-clean, and then refund if you’re dissatisfied*

Schedule the Best Carpet Cleaning in Clarksville

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