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Oriental & Area Rug Repair in Columbia, MD

Trust Our Restoration Experts at CLEAN Choice for Preservation of Your Oriental & Area Rugs

A great-looking area rug or an elegant Oriental rug can really put the finishing touches on a room, drawing the eye to the intricate patterns and designs they offer. After years of foot traffic, accidents, and spills, your favorite Oriental or area rug may no longer display the vibrant colors that it once had, and the design may suffer from everyday wear that leaves the surface threadbare or the edges unraveling.

If you would like to save your valuable Oriental or area rugs, talk to our team at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration. We have more than 30 years of professional restoration experience, and our experts can clean and repair many types of Oriental and area rugs, leaving them in excellent, like-new condition. We serve customers throughout Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore, and the surrounding areas, providing a full selection of cleaning and restoration services, including carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, commercial service, and more.

Are your area rugs worn, dirty, or damaged? Call CLEAN Choice today at (410) 978-6050 or contact us online to learn how our rug repair services can make them look like new!

Our Rug Cleaning & Repair Services

At CLEAN Choice, we offer cleaning, repair, and restoration services for all types of Oriental and area rugs, including:

  • Oriental
  • Persian
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Pakistani
  • Turkish
  • Karastan
  • Cotton
  • Shag
  • Area rugs
  • Runners
  • Accent rugs
  • Commercial area rugs
  • And more…

Our first step in the repair process is a thorough cleaning of your Oriental or area rugs. We feature a state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility, where we use an in-depth, eight-step process and environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaners to remove stains, clean, and deodorize your rugs. We offer free rug pick-ups for our in-plant rug cleaning services throughout the Columbia area.

Contact us today to schedule in-plant rug cleaning services in Columbia, MD!

Oriental & Area Rug Repair Services in Columbia

If you have damaged Oriental or area rugs, our restoration experts at CLEAN Choice should be your first call. Our master weaver has the experience and equipment to restore your rugs to like-new condition in many cases, using advanced methods that combine intricate repairs done by hand and efficient, automated machine work. Our rug repair services include:

  • Replacing damaged fringe – We use either hand-knotting or machine fringing methods to repair damaged fringe, depending on the type of rug, how it was made, and its condition.
  • Repairing edges – Our team can use serging and binding methods combined with synthetic, wool, cotton, or silk fabrics and thread to repair rug edges.
  • Securing damaged areas – We can use fabrics, patches, and re-weaving methods to secure damaged areas and prevent unraveling.
  • Re-weaving holes – When damage has already occurred, our experts can re-weave holes, cuts, and tears, using the appropriate materials to match the existing design.
  • Color run removal – We have many methods to remove stains from colors that have run, including bleaching, oxidizing treatments, and re-dying.
  • Spot removal – Our team can use detergents, bleaches, dyes, and other treatments to remove stains, spots, and other imperfections.

Once we are done with repairs, we can apply a variety of treatments to help preserve the rug, prevent stains, and keep it looking great.

To learn more about our rug repair services, contact our team today!

Call CLEAN Choice today for Oriental & Area Rug Repair in Columbia, MD

When you want your Oriental and area rugs looking their best, trust our team at CLEAN Choice!

Call us today at (410) 978-6050 or contact us online to schedule rug cleaning and repair services!

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