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Removing Soot Stains on Your Carpet

Posted on: September 3, 2012

Having a fireplace in your home can really be great. It not only provides your home with aesthetic value, it is also very useful to add warmth to your home on a cold winter’s night. Nothing beats curling up in the living room with your family on a cold December evening while you are watching your favorite television show or simply just talking.

But having a fireplace can sometimes have its drawbacks. One of which is getting soot all over your carpet. Soot is produced when you use your fireplace and sometimes mishaps can occur and you can get it all over the carpet fibers. Soot is not something that is easy to clean up as it can get really entrenched on the carpet and can’t be removed that easily. If you have soot stains on your carpet at home, try following the simple guide below to help you get rid of this annoying carpet cleaning problem.

1. For the first step, use a vacuum cleaner or a wet/dry vac to remove the soot on the carpet. Make sure to remove as much of it as possible so that you can effectively deal with the stain that it has caused without worrying of making the problem worse.
2. After vacuuming, try to blot the affected area to remove more of the soot particles on your carpet. Blot the area with a clean white cloth and continue blotting until there is no more soot transferring onto the cloth’s surface.
3. Pour some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and the start dabbing the stained area with it. This will help remove more of the soot on your carpet while also breaking it down so that it will be removed more easily using the next steps. Just remember to blot the stain only and do not rub as you don’t want to spread it to other areas of the carpet.
4. Prepare a cleaning solution for the stain by mixing a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with ¾ liters of water. Place this cleaning solution inside a spray bottle and spray the affected area several times.
5. Blot the stained area of the carpet continuously using a clean white cloth. The soot will start transferring from your carpet fibers and onto the surface of the cloth. Repeat this step until all of the stain is gone.
6. Rinse the area of the carpet where the soot stain used to be with a cup of water. Then, dry it using your wet/dry vac. This step helps prevent any build-up of cleaning solution residue on your carpet.

Soot stains on your carpet can be tough but hopefully with the use of the steps above you’ll have no trouble getting your carpet clean and back to normal.

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