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Removing Italian Salad Dressing on the Carpet

Posted on: October 2, 2013

Eating a healthy salad is surely one thing that you can do if you want to stay fit and in good shape. Salads are very good for our body and thanks to the various dressings that you can use it can also be really tasty too.

Italian salad dressing is one type of dressing which is really tasty. It has a unique flavor and taste that makes your salad all the more delicious. Just don’t accidentally spill on your carpet though as it can end up making an ugly stain that will ruin your carpet’s appearance.

Getting rid of Italian salad dressing stains on the carpet is not something that every homeowner wants to face but sadly it is a problem that you must know how to deal with. To help you through this tough carpet cleaning issue, read the useful guide below.

• Take some paper towels and quickly blot the spilled salad dressing on your carpet. Doing this immediately will save you the trouble of dealing with a more stubborn stain that you would have to face. It will also prevent the spill from spreading to other parts of your carpet.
• Get a ¼ cup of warm water and pour it on the stained area of the carpet. This will help dilute the stain in order to stop it from setting right away. Blot the affected area with some paper towels a few times to help lift some of the stain out of the carpet before moving to the next step.
• You would need to make use of a potent cleaning solution if you want to remove the Italian salad dressing stain on your carpet. You can try a mixture of one part clear ammonia and four parts warm water on the stain as this makes for a very effective solution that will get rid of many carpet stains. After pouring some of the solution onto the stained area, let it stand first for a few minutes before going to the next step.
• Use a clean white cloth to slowly blot the Italian salad dressing stain on your carpet. The cleaning solution will help break down the stain and blotting it with the cloth will help lift it out of the carpet fibers. Do this repeatedly until your carpet is completely spotless.
• Use a cup of warm water to flush out any residue that could stay on your carpet fibers. Then dry the area you cleaned using a wet/dry vac before using the carpet once again.

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