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Experience stain and odor-free carpets with CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration pet odor removal services

Pet Urine Odor Elimination

Pets provide protection, comfort, and great companionship. Unfortunately, pets also shed, track in mud and dirt, get sick, and leave urine stains on your carpets and rugs. All four of these sources leave your carpets and area rugs stained and with an unpleasant odor.

Tremendous eco-friendly advances have been made in the pet urine odor removal industry over the last decade, increasing our ability to completely eliminate pet urine odors at the source — without the use of any harmful toxic products. The best part of our odor removal process is that it’s completely 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for your children, family, pets (including birds), and the environment. Time is critical when it comes to a bad pet accident. The longer any kind of urine, vomit or fecal matter sits, the more damage it will do. If you are in Annapolis, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Laurel, Severn, Silver Spring, and surrounding areas, call Maryland's Pet Urine Stain and Odor Removal Experts at (410) 995-9898 or book your service online!
“Our carpeting had significant stains and foul odor due to our dog and cats. Pleased to report that CLEAN Choice eliminated all stains and the bad odor. These guys are great!”
Rich C., Columbia, MD
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We Catch What The Eye Cannot See

Removing a visible stain from the surface of the carpet is one thing, but it is likely that the stain and odors have gone deep within the carpet fibers. When we come to your property, we perform a FREE forensic UV and hydrosensor inspection of your carpet, rugs, furniture and hard floors to ensure we thoroughly clean what the eye cannot see. This is the most important step in the entire process. Most carpet cleaning companies do not perform this important step. Using our UV light, similar to ones used at crime scenes, we can assess the damage to the entire surface area. Nine times out of ten, customers are surprised as to how damaged their carpet is.

Using our TRIPLE PLUS+ Extreme green eco-friendly cleaning solution, we eliminate any pet stains and odors directly at its source. This non-toxic, plant-derived cleaning solution contains bio-enzyme odor digesters and an odor encapsulator. This dual-action odor elimination solution breaks down urine while immediately encapsulating bad odors on contact rather than just temporarily covering them up with a fragrance.

We Provide Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Odor Removal Services For:

  • Pet urine odor elimination
  • Cat urine odor (we use patented cat urine “Odor Block Seal”)
  • Pet dander
  • Wet dog smell
  • Human urine
  • Fecal smell
  • Vomit
  • Food decay / garbage smell
  • Mildew odor
  • Musty odor
  • Skunk musk
  • Cigarette smoke odor
  • Cooking odors
  • Furniture cushions
  • Mattresses
  • And much more
"The cleaning and treatment of the carpets was excellent. We had hoped that this would eliminate the pet urine odor that was undetectable to us. It clearly had been detectable to our daughter's dog who continued to urinate in particular spots. The treatment worked! We had a more relaxing holiday because of the great job that you did. Thank you."
Anne Marie Z., Columbia, MD
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Carpet Urine Odor Removal — Pad Injections

CLEAN Choice begins our carpet cleaning urine odor removal process by thoroughly inspecting your carpet with our forensic, high-intensity, UV light and moisture sensor probe to determine:
  • The level of bacteria
  • The number of locations
  • The full extent of urine, vomit, fecal, or other contamination

Our Pad Injection Process

Sub-Surface Injections

Administered into the padding of each urine site using our Triple Plus+ Extreme raw bio-enzyme as well as fresh apple scent urine block 15-30 minutes before extraction for a maximum bacterial kill.

Treat The Carpet

Care to the entire carpet cleaning surface wall-to-wall with our TRUE-GREEN BabySafe™ pre-cleaner and the same enzyme added.

Steaming Rinse Process

We truck-mount steam extract the entire area thoroughly. This ensures that no residue is left behind. You can read more about our process here.

Further Application

We apply a generous application of Triple Plus+ blend of raw bio-enzyme disinfectant, fresh  scent deodorizer, and Encapuguard GREEN stain protector to the entire carpet cleaning surface to ensure we kill all bacteria. These products are certified 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, child and pet safe to leave on the carpet, and protect your carpet warranty.

Future Upkeep

We provide you with 1 FREE bottle of CLEAN Choice Professional Carpet Stain Remover. We also offer a consumer grade version of our disinfectant at an additional cost to help treat accidents and odors in between professional cleaning visits.

Claw Extractor (As Needed)

Medium to large urine odor sites may require more extensive treatment, at an additional cost. Using our “CLAW EXTRACTOR” attachment, we are able to achieve maximum urine odor removal from deep within the carpet pile and pad.

Carpet Urine Odor Removal — Cat Odor Block Seal

For concrete floors or concrete sub-flooring under carpet that has been repeatedly subjected to dog or cat urine, it becomes necessary to do a complete urine treatment at some point.

Our exclusive Cat Odor Block Seal has been formulated to completely eliminate odors from porous, difficult to treat materials. CLEAN Choice’s Cat Odor Block Seal destroys odors and establishes a positive gas vapor barrier to lock odors away from the living environment.

Our Pad Removal & Cement Floor Cat Odor Block Seal Process

We begin this carpet cleaning process the same way we do every service — by carefully inspecting your carpet and floors with our forensic high-intensity ultraviolet light. This process helps us to determine the level, locations, and the extent of urine, vomit, or fecal contamination.


Remove, bag and dispose of all affected carpet cushion and padding. Cat urine contamination requires carpet and pad removal and disposal to fully remedy.

Treatment With Organic Bio-Enzyme Product

Next, we treat the concrete sub-floor with an organic bio-enzyme product and let it soak to kill maximum bacteria. If the sub-floor is damaged or warped, replacement may be necessary.

Truck-Mounted Equipment

Using our 250° degree truck-mount, at 1,500 psi, we high pressure steam clean the sub-floor to remove maximum contamination, soil and stains.


We set up high velocity speed dry fans to accelerate drying the floor.

Cat Odor Block Seal

We apply our exclusive Cat Odor Block Seal with an odor barrier that is designed specifically for use on porous, difficult to treat materials, like cement, and in some cases, even concrete wall surfaces. It creates a positive gas vapor barrier that locks odors away from the living environment.

New Carpet Pad Installation

New carpet pad is installed. Then, the carpet pile and backing are treated with our organic bio-enzyme product and reinstalled. Please note, we do not carry out this service but we can make recommendations. If you are keeping the existing carpet we can treat the carpet pile and backing.

Final Stages

Once your new carpet is installed, regular professional cleanings will be needed to keep it looking new and avoiding pet odors. If the existing carpet is reinstalled, we can finish the treatment with a complete “deep steam cleaning” of the entire room or area. After we thoroughly rinse the entire area, we apply a generous application of Triple Plus+ Extreme disinfectant and fresh green scent deodorizer to the carpet surface to ensure all bacteria are killed.
"CLEAN Choice did an outstanding job eliminating the cat urine smell that had plagued our family room for many years. In the past, we had tried replacing the carpet and padding, used virtually every urine cleaning and deodorizing product sold at Petsmart, and tried several other carpet cleaning services. But the cats kept re-soiling and the terrible smell would return. CLEAN Choice is the first company that permanently solved our problem. They lifted the carpet, treated and sealed the concrete, and for the first time in years, the room smells great and the cats have not re-soiled. I highly recommend CLEAN Choice!!!"
Eric M., via Google
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Pet Urine & Odor Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Remove Dog & Cat Urine & Odors from My Carpet?

CLEAN Choice specializes in pet urine and odor removal. For carpeted areas, we use a UV light and HydroSensor (as necessary) to pinpoint the location of urine and bacteria in your carpets. Once we have identified these areas, they are pre-treated with a bio-enzyme disinfectant to start breaking down the bacteria and encapsulating the odor. After the rest of the carpets have been cleaned, we treat every area with that same disinfectant to ensure that every square inch of your carpet is treated for bacteria and areas of pet damage have been treated for a second time.

How Do You Treat Pet Urine & Odors?

First, we identify the location and severity of pet damage using a high-intensity UV light and HydroSensor. Once we have completed our inspection, we will discuss your best options for removing the urine and source of odors. These include:
  • Pad Injections (most common): We will apply an organic bio-enzyme disinfectant to each bacteria site for 15-30 minutes before extraction to ensure maximum bacteria kill and odor encapsulation. This process is only used for carpeted areas and area rugs.
  • Cat Odor Block Seal (concrete only): We will steam clean the entire concrete floor surface and then apply our Cat Odor Block Seal to the entire surface to ensure odors can no longer escape the porous floor once the sealant has cured.
  • Carpet and Pad Removal (extreme cases): In the most extreme cases, the carpet and pad may need to be completely removed and disposed of properly. The subfloor is then treated with our organic bio-enzyme disinfectant. If the subfloor is damaged or warped, replacement may be necessary.

Do You Guarantee Full Odor Removal?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee full odor removal from carpets, as we are only able to see and treat the surface pile. We will do our best to fully saturate the area so that hopefully the treatment will seep further down into the carpet backing and pad. However, without pulling the carpet up, we are unable to assess the full extent of the damage beyond the carpet pile.

Can You Remove Pet Urine & Odors From My Area Rug?

With our in-plant area rug cleaning facility, we are often able to remove all or most of the urine from your rugs. We submerge the rugs in a water bath to allow water to flow freely through the fibers and remove as much urine as possible. In some instances, such as tufted rugs, we are not able to fully remove the urine and / or odor, as it is likely in the glue that holds the backing to the rug fibers. In this case, we recommend having the backing and glue removed and replaced. Call for more information and pricing.

Can You Remove Pet Urine & Odors from Wood Floors?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of moisture needed, we are not able to remove pet urine and odors from hardwood floor surfaces. In most cases, the floors will need to be sanded and refinished for optimal odor removal.
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