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Carpet Urine Odor Removal: Pad Injections

Pet Urine Odor Removal Carpet Pad Injections in Maryland

“Our carpeting had significant stains and foul odor due to our dog and cats. Pleased to report that Clean Choice eliminated all stains and the bad odor. These guys are great!” – R. Coyle in Columbia, MD

CLEAN Choice begins our carpet cleaning urine odor removal process by thoroughly inspecting your carpet with our forensic, high-intensity, UV light and moisture sensor probe to:

  • Determine the level
  • Number of locations
  • Full extent of urine, vomit, fecal, or other contamination. 

This is the most important step in the entire pet urine odor removal process that most carpet cleaning companies do not perform.  We often find other carpet cleaners just cleaned right over top of the sites.

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Pet Urine Damage to Your Baltimore Home

Many pet owners think that their pet goes to the bathroom in the same spot every time.  Using our UV light, similar to ones used at crime scenes, we can show you the level and extent of contamination.

When a dog or cat urinates on your carpet, bacteria begin to grow within 24 hours. These bacteria are harmful to pets and children. When the bacteria die, they will leave a foul odor, which is why it is so important to properly clean the affected area as soon as possible.

Nine times out of ten, our customers are surprised as to the actual level or extent of their pet urine odor contamination, but relieved we can handle the job and make life better.

Our Pad Injection Process

  • Sub-surface injections – administer into the padding of each urine site using our Triple Plus+, Extreme raw bio-enzyme as well as fresh apple scent urine block 15 to 30 minutes before extraction for a maximum bacterial kill.
  • Treat the carpet – Care to the entire carpet cleaning surface wall-to-wall with our TRUE-GREEN BabySafe™ pre-cleaner and the same enzyme added.
  • Steaming Rinse Process – We thoroughly truck mount steam extract the entire area.  This ensures that no residue is left behind.
  • Further Application – We apply a generous application of Triple Plus+ blend of raw bio-enzyme, fresh green scent deodorizer, and stain protector to the entire carpet cleaning surface to ensure we kill all bacteria. (This product is certified 100% Non-toxic, eco-friendly, child and pet safe to leave on the carpet, and protects your carpet warranty)
  • Future Upkeep – We provide you with 1 FREE Bottle of CLEAN Choice Professional Carpet Stain Remover

Medium to large urine odor sites may require more extensive treatment using our “CLAW EXTRACTOR” attachment for maximum urine odor removal from the carpet pad, at additional cost.

Purchasing Urine Odor Carpet Cleaning Products

Customers keep asking, so CLEAN Choice now offers clients CRI-SOA Certified, Simple Solution EXTREME in a 32 ounce bottle $15 each, to safely treat new urine odor sites after our restoration cleaning.  Available on the service truck at time of service, just ask your technician.

Maryland Carpet Cleaning Tips

We educate our clients about dangerous, toxic store bought products and explain which products are CRI-SOA (Carpet and Rug Institute, Seal of Approval) certified safe for you, your children, your pets, and carpet warranty.  We will even explain how to successfully use them.

Your home will be refreshed and inviting again within the same day. Your carpet surface is dry the same day, and the odor is eliminated before we leave.

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For pet urine odor removal and pad injection services, contact CLEAN Choice Cleaning and Restoration for pet urine carpet cleaning in the Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland areas

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*Please note that the odor control injection process may temporarily worsen the odor (rarely) and can take from 1 to 72-hours to fully dry and remedy the odor, depending on severity.  Not all treatments can be guaranteed to completely remove the odor without pad/carpet removal/replacement or when pet is still in the home (see #2 process).

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