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How to Remove Garlic Dip Stains on the Carpet

Posted on: July 30, 2013

Many people nowadays prefer to eat fresh vegetables because of the health benefits that it offers. Eating a carrot or lettuce can certainly help you get more vitamins and nutrients and it can likewise be very tasty too with the right kind of dip.

Garlic dip is one of the popular kinds of dips used by people nowadays for salads and vegetables. It is really creamy and delicious which is why it has become a big hit among salad lovers.

While you are enjoying your garlic dip though there may be instances when you inadvertently lose focus and tip over the container where the dip is placed causing a nasty spill on your beautiful carpet. This is really a tough situation for any homeowner to face as garlic dip spills can cause an ugly stain that will be very hard to get rid of. If ever you are faced with this kind of problem at home, quickly follow the step-by-step guide which I have prepared below to help you out.

1. The first step is removing the spilled garlic dip on the carpet. You can do this by carefully using a spoon to scrape the dip out of the carpet fibers. You can likewise use a paper towel to blot the spill so that you can get rid of the excess dip on the carpet.
2. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton ball and then use it to blot the stain which is left behind on the carpet. The alcohol is going to help in breaking down the stain so that you can remove it from the carpet fibers. Continue to blot the area until the cotton ball dries up.
3. Place a teaspoon of white vinegar inside an empty container and then add to it a cup of warm water. Stir the mixture thoroughly and then apply it onto the stained area of the carpet. The white vinegar is excellent in dealing with the garlic dip stain since it will aid in removing the stain and also in neutralizing the strong odor that could get left behind.
4. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stained area of the carpet repeatedly. Do this until you have finally removed the garlic dip stain. It could take some time but just be patient until your carpet is clean and spotless once more.
5. Flush out any cleaning solution residue on the carpet fibers by rinsing the area you just cleaned with a cup of water. Then, dry the entire area using a clean towel or rag to complete the task.

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