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How to Remove Dog Hair on the Stairs Carpet

Posted on: October 23, 2013

Having a furry and adorable dog in your home can certainly make everyone happy and jolly. Pets just have that kind of effect on people, especially dog lovers. Playing with your pet dog inside the house can make for a very fun and enjoyable time but it can also result in some cleaning problems for a lot of homeowners.

One of the troubles with having a furry dog inside your home is that the carpeting on your stairs would tend to become full of dog hair before long. It can make the area look untidy and ugly which can be really unflattering if you have guests over.

Trying to remove dog hair on the carpet on your stairs can be challenging but there are steps that you can try to help make it easier and more manageable. Follow the guide below so that you can effectively remove the dog hair on your stairs carpet in no time.

• The first thing that you should do is to get some of the materials that you will use to get rid of the dog hair on the carpet. You will need some rubber gloves and a small bucket of water for this task. Once you have these ready, proceed to the first step.
• Put on the rubber gloves on your hands and then wet them inside the bucket of water. Then, use your hand to roll the dog hair into lumps. It is recommended that you start from the top of the stairs moving downward so that you will be sure to get all of the dog hair on your stairs carpet.
• After you roll all of the dog hair into lumps in one step of the stairs, pick it up and then rinse your hands in the bucket of water. Make sure to rinse your hands thoroughly so that you can remove all of the dog hair found there. Also, dry your hands on a dry cloth before proceeding.
• Make your way from the top step of the stairs moving downward doing this until all of the dog hair is removed. It could take some time but soon your carpet will be free of any sign of dog hair.
• Get your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the stairs to make sure no residue is left behind.

Removing dog hair on the carpet on your stairs is a really simple task if you follow the guide above. Try it out and see how easy it can really be to get your carpet clean and free of the hair of your favorite pet.

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