Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Re-Coating Service in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

Taking Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

Experience safe & effective hardwood floor cleaning & re-coating with CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Baltimore & Annapolis, MD

Having hardwood floors installed certainly cuts back on some of the cleaning maintenance required with carpets — but it doesn’t cut back on it altogether. In order to keep your hardwood floors in a clean and healthy state, they require proper maintenance and cleaning.

At CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration we provide professional hardwood floor maintenance cleaning that is 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and green-certified. This means that we can clean your hardwood flooring in the safest way, while providing a shining finish. We can remove minimal wax but please do note that we cannot remove wax buildup.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a realtor, or a business in Annapolis, Baltimore, Catonsville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Laurel, Severn, Silver Spring, and surrounding areas that needs professional hardwood floor cleaning and sandless re-coating; your floors can be revitalized to look like new! If it’s been more than two years since a professional cleaning and your hardwood floor is dull and dirty or it’s just time for a deep cleaning, call the Baltimore and Annapolis hardwood floor cleaning experts at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration at (410) 995-9898.
Pure green cleaningClean Choice Cleaning & Restoration are IICRC CertifiedWe use products that meet U.S EPA Safer Product StandardsWe use Green Seal productsWe are an approved service provider of The Carpet and Rug InstituteWe are a fibre care specialistWe are a master rug cleanerCRI plus
"We are very happy with the outcome; our wood floors look great! The technician was thorough in his explanation of what to expect, what might occur and what could not be corrected. I appreciated that. The office’s assistance with scheduling was appreciated as well."
Denise C., Columbia
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Our 4-Step Premium Deep Clean & Refinish Process

1. Sweep & Vacuum

We start by sweeping and vacuuming your hardwood floors.

2. Pre-Cleaner Application

We apply the gentle, but deep, intensive pre-cleaner to your hardwood floors and soft bristle brush the surface to remove embedded dirt, bacteria, wax, oil, and polish residues, using a proprietary and certified eco-friendly deep cleaning solution. If an area is hard to reach with our soft bristle brush, we’ll clean it by hand with soft cotton towels.

3. Neutralize & Rinse

We’ll neutralize rinse the hardwood flooring to remove the pre-cleaner and any semi-permanent residue the deep clean may have missed.

4. Post-Cleaner Application

Lastly, we apply our zero residues post cleaner.

Additional Protection

If you choose (at an additional cost), we can apply our water based, quick-drying, sandless satin refinish to your hardwood floors for a uniform, deep satin sheen finish to protect and keep your hardwood floors looking their best and to keep them that way. At additional cost, we can apply multiple coats the same day to increase the visible depth and luster of the refinish to give your hardwood floors that new deep clean look.
"CLEAN Choice is the best Choice. I will continue to use them for my future carpet and hardwood floor cleaning needs. Their environmentally safe and non-toxic products are safe for my pets. I always receive the VIP treatment, making every experience a pleasurable one. I know I am not their only customer but their outstanding service always makes me feel like I am!"
Johanna I., Baltimore
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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean & Re-Coat Wood Floors?

Our process is strictly a maintenance cleaning. We will thoroughly clean your floors with our specialty wood floor cleaner and can then apply a polyurethane re-coat in a satin finish. We do not sand or buff out any scratches or gauges or repair any discoloration. The polyurethane re-coat may fill in some smaller scratches and disguise them, but they will not actually be removed from the flooring.

What Does the Re-Coat Do? Why Should I Have It Applied?

The satin finish polyurethane re-coat provides a protective barrier for the floors to help avoid scratches penetrating actual wood planks. It also gives your floors a glossy look to make them shine again.

Can I Have My Floors Cleaned Without the Re-Coat?

We can do just the cleaning of your floors. However, they will look dull and will not have a protective barrier on top that the re-coat provides.

Do You Move Furniture?

We ask that you completely empty the room of all furnishings and area rugs. The furniture will have to remain off of the floors for a minimum of 24 hours; heavier furnishings will need to wait 48 hours before being put back in place.

How Do I Stage My Furniture if I’m Having All My Floors Cleaned?

We recommend splitting the job up into two appointments a few days apart. We would ask that you move all of the furniture to one side of the area, parallel to the boards, for the first appointment. For the second, we ask that you move the furniture to the side that has been cleaned. You will need to schedule the appointments a few days apart to make sure the floors have time to completely cure before moving the furniture to the completed side.

How Long Do I Need to Wait Before Walking On the Floors?

We recommend waiting 2-4 hours before walking on the floors and recommend wearing socks. If possible, it is best to avoid the areas as much as possible to give them plenty of time for the re-coat to cure.

How Long Does the Re-Coat Take to Dry?

The re-coat will need a minimum of 24 hours to completely dry and cure. Furniture should remain off the floors for at least 24 hours for smaller items and 48 hours for heavier pieces. Area rugs should remain out of the area for two weeks, if possible. If you need to use the treated areas, we recommend waiting at least 2 hours and wearing socks.