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Guide to Removing Mascara Stains on Your Carpet

Posted on: November 2, 2012

Mascara is one of the most commonly used make-up item that are utilized by women. It is very common that chances are you can find it in the purses or make-up kits of girls and women whenever they go out. It helps improve and highlight their appearance and is very useful for preparing them for a hot date or for an event they are going to.

But mascara can also be somewhat disadvantageous sometimes. This is because if you accidentally smear mascara on your carpet it can result in an ugly stain that will be stubborn to remove. Mascara stains are not something you would like to get on your carpet but if you are already facing this problem then there is nothing else that you can do other than try your best to remove it. Here is a guide that could be of some use to you when attempting to remove the mascara stains on your carpet.

  1. Remove as much the foreign material on your carpet as possible. You can use a clean white cloth or paper towels to blot and remove as much of the mascara as you can so that it will become easier to get your carpet back to normal with the next steps.
  2. Make a cleaning solution for the mascara stain on your carpet. For this you will need a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of ammonia, and an empty spray bottle. Combine the first two ingredients mentioned and then place it inside the spray bottle. Bring it to the affected area of the carpet and then spray it a couple of times.
  3. Let the solution you have just applied on the stain to set for several minutes. While you are doing this, get a piece of clean white cloth and then start in blotting the mascara stain after a few minutes. The mascara will slowly be removed as you go on blotting the carpet. Do this continuously until the whole stain is gone.
  4. Get a glass of water and then pour it onto the place where the mascara stain used to be. This is good for removing any excess residue that can harm your carpet. After pouring the water, get a wet/dry vac and dry the area completely.

Removing mascara stains on your carpet can take some time and effort but it is necessary to get your carpet back to normal. Follow the guide above and you’ll have no more worries when it comes to removing that type of stain on your carpet at home.

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