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Cleaning Up Perfume Spills on the Carpet

Posted on: August 21, 2012

Perfume can be a great thing to use if you want to smell nice for a hot date or when going to a special event. It can really be a big help when trying to smell better but sometimes though accidents can occur while you are spraying the perfume and you can drop and spill it all over the carpet.
Perfume spills are not exactly something that you would want to have on the carpet. It can create a stain that will make your carpet unsightly and it will likewise cause it to have a very strong and unpleasant smell that will make your carpet unappealing.
Cleaning up perfume spills may be tough but with the right information and attitude you can clean it properly by yourself. Check out the very informative post below to find out how you can fix this carpet cleaning problem on your own.
1. The first step in cleaning up the perfume spill on your carpet is by absorbing as much of the spilled perfume as possible. This can be done using a sponge or a clean white cloth and blotting the spilled area. Continue blotting the spill until all of the excess liquid is removed.
2. Next, you need to make a cleaning solution for the perfume stain that is left behind. You can do this by combining one part of clear ammonia and four parts of warm water. The ammonia is great in removing many kinds of carpet stains and it can also help in neutralizing the unpleasant odor caused by the perfume spills. Once you have the cleaning solution ready, apply some of it onto the stain and proceed to the next step.
3. After applying the ammonia-based cleaning solution, you must now get another piece of clean white cloth and blot the area repeatedly. Blotting will help in removing the stain and transfer it onto the cloth’s surface. Just continue blotting until you have removed all of the stain. It may take several tries but pretty soon all of the stain will be gone.
4. Once you have removed the perfume stain as well as the odor on the carpet, you still need to rinse the area where the spill occurred. This is because residue may get left behind which could harm the carpet over time. After rinsing the carpet, dry it completely using a clean rag to finish off the job.

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