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Cleaning Tree Sap on Your Carpet

Posted on: October 9, 2012

During the holidays, it is really nice to get into the Christmas spirit. This is the reason why tons of people go out and find a nice Christmas tree to put inside their living room. Decorating a beautiful tree and covering it with glitter, ornaments, and a big start on its tip is certainly a fun way to celebrate the season.

Sadly, this can also come with a few cleaning problems as getting an actual Christmas tree can sometimes lead to getting tree sap all over your carpet. Tree sap is sticky, messy, and it can leave behind an ugly stain on your carpet which is why you should do everything that you can to clean it up. If you are having difficulty with this kind of problem at home, check out the useful guide below to help you solve it easily.

• First you will need to gather the necessary materials which will be used in this guide. You will need some rubbing alcohol, a hand sanitizer which contains some alcohol, a clean white cloth, and some paper towels. Once you have this ready you are now okay to begin.
• The first thing that you must do is to apply some rubbing alcohol on the carpet area where the tree sap could be found. Isopropyl alcohol is usually used and to be sure that it is safe to use you should test it out first on a small, hidden portion of the carpet. If no discoloration occurs, you can proceed in pouring some of it onto a clean white cloth and then dabbing the affected area of the carpet.
• After dabbing the tree sap on the carpet several times, you will start to notice some improvement on it. The rubbing alcohol will dry the tree sap making it a lot easier to remove. The next step is to apply some of the hand sanitizer on the stained portion of the carpet. Before proceeding to do this though make sure you try it out similar to what you did with the rubbing alcohol. You can never be too careful when it comes to using new substances on your carpet.
• Once you have applied some of the hand sanitizer on the tree sap stain on your carpet, get a clean white cloth and then blot the area repeatedly. This will help in further removing the tree sap and making your carpet clean and tidy once again. It may take you several tries but pretty soon you will be able to totally get rid of all the tree sap on your carpet.
• Rinse the area where the tree sap was with a glass of water to help remove any residue that could get left behind. This is in order to avoid any build-up from occurring on your carpet.

Tree sap on the carpet can be very challenging for any carpet owner. Be sure to follow the guide above if ever you are in this kind of situation so that you will get an upper hand in getting your carpet back to normal.

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