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Cleaning Carpets After Parties

Posted on: November 18, 2013

It’s fun to host parties at least once in a while. However, it’s not just the preparation that burdens you. After all the fun, you also have to deal with all the mess left behind.
You can see a variety of stains and dirt after one fun party. And one of the most abused areas is the carpeted floor. Aside from an increased number of shoes stepping on it, the carpet will also gather a lot of food stains and spilled drinks. You can just imagine the mess that you have to deal with.
But there’s nothing to worry about because for every problem, there is always a solution. And to every stubborn carpet stain, there is always a way for you to get them out without destroying the carpet. The following are some tips on how you can clean up the carpet after parties:
Assess the mess
Check for the entire carpeted area and find out which spots has the most stains. After which, you also have to identify the kind of stains which are found in each area. This will help you plan out on how to clean it and what cleaner to use for it.
Run the vacuum cleaner
Before you start off, empty the bag of your vacuum cleaner and run it through the entire carpet. This will initially remove minor stains and dirt stuck between the fabrics. It will also help you identify which stains would require more attention.
Prepare cleaning solution
If you don’t have a carpet cleaning solution, you can make one. Simply mix some powdered detergent and water. Make sure the detergent that you use is not too strong and try to look for one which is color-friendly in order to avoid causing damage to the carpet.
Apply the solution and scrub
Once you have your cleaning solution, you can start applying it through a piece of cloth. Soak the piece of cloth in your solution and dab it to the stained areas of the carpet. Let it stay for a few minutes then scrub the stains off with a carpet brush. Rinse off by applying water through a washcloth. You can repeat the entire step until the spot is spic and span.
Run the vacuum again
After scrubbing off all the stains, leave the carpet to dry and once it dries run the vacuum cleaner again to make sure all lint and dirt is removed. This will leave your carpet looking and smelling clean and you’d be ready to host another awesome party.

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