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Carpet Stain Removal Guide: Cleaning Up Olive Oil Stains

Posted on: June 24, 2014

Olive Oil

If you are preparing a nice salad or if you want to cook some pasta, one really good item that you should have in your kitchen is olive oil. Olive oil is a really great alternative to cooking oil and it is commonly used to prepare salad dressings and pasta. You can never go wrong in going with olive oil as it can make food really tasty and delicious.

If you are using olive oil to prepare whatever kind of dish that you desire, there may be instances wherein you accidentally spill the oil all over your carpet at home. This is one predicament which can be very problematic so trying to clean it up as best as you can is always important.

Many homeowners who are faced with this issue are very frustrated at figuring out a way to solve this problem. To help you out, here is a very simple guide that you can try to eliminate the ugly olive oil stains on your carpet.

Get some paper towels and quickly use it to blot the spilled olive oil on the carpet. This is going to help in absorbing the spilled oil so that it does not seep deeper in your carpet fibers. Repeat this step until you have removed as much of the olive oil spilled on the carpet.
The next step is eliminating the stain that the spilled olive oil has caused on the carpet. You should prepare a cleaning solution in order that you can achieve this. A combination of one part non-bleach laundry detergent and five parts warm water may be just the cleaning solution that you need. Put this in any container and go to the next step in this guide.
Pour a couple of drops of the cleaning solution you have made using the non-bleach laundry detergent and then let it set there for several minutes. This allows the cleaning solution to work on the olive oil stain.
Repeatedly blot the ugly olive oil stain on your carpet using a clean white cloth to lowly remove it. You will see that the olive oil stain will gradually become lighter and lighter until eventually it will be no more.
Rinse the spot where the stain used to be to ensure that you have removed the residue that could potentially stay behind. After rinsing the spot with some water, get a clean paper towel and dry the area completely to finish the job.

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