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Carpet Cleaning Services in Gibson Island, MD

Carpets are magnets for dirt and dust. When you factor children, pets, and guests into your cleaning equation, your vacuum alone won’t be enough to keep your carpets clean throughout the seasons. Fortunately, you don’t have to. The team at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration can do the dirty work for you. We guarantee that your carpets in Gibson Island, MD, will look, smell, and feel as close to brand-new as possible.

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The Power of Green Cleaning

CLEAN Choice uses green-certified, eco-friendly cleaning agents. We apply these to your Gibson Island, MD, carpets via our state-of-the-art 250-degree eco-steam cleaning machines. This creates a powerful combination of cleaning potential. In fact, it is among the most powerful systems used in the carpet cleaning industry.

Our system is connected to a 350-horsepower Chevy truck engine. This creates an enormous amount of suction that lifts the dirt, dust, and grime from deep within the carpet fibers. Our system is significantly more powerful than that of our competitors, who typically use a smaller, truck-mounted engine that only has eight to 20 horsepower. We’re proud to say that many of our new clients remark that they’ve never seen their carpets look as clean as they do when our crews are finished.

For green carpet cleaning you can trust in Gibson Island, turn to the professionals at CLEAN Choice. Contact us online or call (410) 978-6050 to schedule carpet cleaning service today.

Going Green to Make it Clean

Most carpet cleaners rely on toxic brews of chemicals and solvents to clean carpets. We do not. Each and every one of the products we use in our cleaning process is green-certified by Green Seal, the EPA, or the Carpet and Rug Institute.

For our clients, this means that when CLEAN Choice cleans the carpets there is not a single trace of toxic residue left within the carpet. This helps protect the indoor air quality within the home. It also ensures that pets and small children don’t come into contact with chemicals that can harm their health.

We don’t stop there and are proud to take it a step further. We apply a 100 percent non-toxic, eco-friendly sanitizer/deodorizer called Triple Plus+ Extreme to the carpet. We pair this with our own green guard soil and stain carpet protector. These steps do more than just mask odors; they eliminate odors within the home and help you keep the carpet cleaner, for longer.

Lasting Protection for Your Gibson Island, MD Carpets

No matter how hard you try, your carpets won’t stay clean forever. However, you can take steps to protect your carpet from dirt, stains, and spills. By taking shoes off when walking around the home, not eating on carpeted areas, and washing Fido’s feet after his daily walk, you can keep your carpets looking absolutely fabulous for four to six months between cleanings. Further, our certified green cleaning process won’t damage the fibers. This helps prolong the life of the carpet by many years.

Experience You Can Depend Upon

CLEAN Choice has over 30 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry. We are an industry leader and are proud to embrace the latest and most efficient green cleaning methods in the country. We provide free estimates to all of our clients and will thoroughly assess everything from pet stains to wine spills in the process. Because we are an IICRC-certified operation, our technicians have the skills and training required to ensure your carpets are cleaned to the highest professional standards.

Are your carpets begging for a cleaning in your Gibson Island, MD, home? Contact CLEAN Choice at 410-978-6050 to learn how our cleaning services can wipe away grime. It would be our pleasure to tell you about the steps we take to ensure your carpet stays clean throughout the year.

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