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Your Local Catonsville Carpet, Oriental & Area Rug, Upholstery, Hardwood, Natural Stone, Tile & Grout, Cement, Outdoor Surface Cleaning Experts, and More…

Soap, Detergent, and Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning with Purified Water

If you want the guaranteed best carpet cleaning service ever – Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

At CLEAN Choice, we provide green carpet cleaning in Catonsville using organic, plant-based cleaners so there’s toxic no sticky, soapy residue left over. Right away, your carpets feel and look like new, and they stay that way for longer compared to soap and detergent cleaners that leave residue that attracts dirt and grime.

When people need Catonsville carpet cleaners for a home with infants, elderly, asthma, hospice, pets, or other sensitivity concerns, they choose CLEAN Choice.

Our totally green cleaning process is gentle on your carpet and rugs. You simply can’t get better professional carpet cleaning in Catonsville!

CLEAN Choice has invested in the best and most powerful, state-of-the-art truck-mounted 250-degree steam cleaner that goes far beyond what our competitors can do, plus we have the largest vacuum blower to extract maximum dirt, germs, and rinse water. Your carpets dry in 1 to 8 hours.

We promise 100% satisfaction for our Catonsville carpet cleaning services. That’s a promise we make to you, and ourselves, as IICRC-certified carpet cleaners who use advanced technology and organic cleaners for safe, healthy, long-lasting results.  Read what our customers are saying about us.

5-Star Customer Reviews don’t lie, CLEAN Choice has great reviews.


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Your local certified carpet cleaners CLEAN Choice Maryland

Catonsville’s Certified Green & Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Make the green choice for your household and for the planet with our 100% non-toxic carpet cleaning. We’re the certified eco-friendly carpet cleaners in Catonsville that you can trust:

  • Tested and approved by Green Seal and EPA-DfE
  • IICRC and CRI-SOA certified, which is now required by carpet manufacturer warranties
  • Powered by 250-degree eco-steam with a truck-mount carpet cleaning system
  • IAQ approved and Wool Safe
  • Advanced Polymer Encapsulation Cleaning Technology that is plant-based, non-toxic, and 100% free of chemicals, soaps, and optical brighteners

Catonsville Carpet Cleaning for Home, Office, Area Rugs, Pet Stains, & More

Not only does CLEAN Choice provide the most astonishing results for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning in Catonsville, but we can also take care of oriental rugs, hardwood floors, and more. Our tools, training, and experience mean that we can remove stains and freshen up surfaces of all kinds, always with certified techniques and eco-friendly cleaners.

Our Catonsville Cleaning Services Include:

Free Estimate for Carpet Cleaning In Catonsville, MD

Ready to hit the reset button on a soiled, stained carpet? CLEAN Choice promises that you’ll love our results! For a free estimate, contact us online or call 410-978-6050 for carpet cleaning in Catonsville or throughout Baltimore County.


  • "My rug looks a lot better. Thanks!"
    Customer: June Noble
    Address: Catonsville, Maryland
    Employee: Keith Bowles
    Work description: Carpet Cleaning
    Date: 10/01/2018

  • "As always, the service by CLEAN Choice was exceptional. We have them clean our carpets and after they are done, they are perfect. What is even better is that all the processes they use are completely safe for living beings. Their commitment to the environment and safe products has always impressed us. We could not be happier and recommend them as the best company we have ever had."
    Customer: Albert Reichelt
    Address: Catonsville, Maryland
    Employee: Keith Bowles
    Work description: Carpet Cleaning
    Date: 09/14/2018

  • "Very professional and does a great job!!!! Carpets look FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you!"
    Customer: Julie Sterry
    Address: Catonsville, Maryland
    Employee: Keith Bowles
    Work description: Carpet Cleaning
    Date: 11/29/2017

  • "I was so impressed with Keith, his knowledge, and my very clean carpet. Thanks, guys!"
    Customer: Alexandra Pallas
    Address: Catonsville, Maryland
    Work description: Carpet Cleaning
    Date: 09/30/2013

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