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How Soon Do You Need to Clean Pet Accidents to Reduce Stains

There are a number of reasons your pet may be having accidents or marking certain areas of your house. Perhaps they are adjusting to a new environment, or a new member of the family. They could have a health condition that needs addressing. They could also be trying to communicate with you that they need to go outside more often to do their business, or they need their litter box cleaned.

Whatever the reason is, pet accidents are no fun to discover or to clean up. Cleaning pet accidents sooner rather than later is always recommended. The longer you leave an accident unaddressed, the greater your chances are of having a permanent stain.

Consider the following when cleaning up your stain removal:


Removing new stains on carpet

It’s always best if you can catch the accident right when it happens to reduce permanent stains. If you have a stain that is still wet, try to absorb as much urine as possible with a thick layer of paper towels. Stand on the padding or blot the area while the accident is soaked up. It’s important not to scrub or wipe at this point in the process, to avoid driving the stain further into your carpet. Repeat this step until the area is just barely damp. From here, use a stain remover solution or simply rinse the area with cool, clean water and blot dry.

To remove poop stains, make sure you’ve picked up as much as you can before applying water or a stain solution. To reinforce your pet’s designated restroom area, you can also place the urine-soaked towels outside so he or she will know where to go next time.


Removing set stains on carpet

If stains are already set in your carpet, it may be worth renting a carpet cleaner from your local grocery store. This will help ensure that the carpet is cleaned thoroughly deep within the fibers. Once you’ve gotten your carpet clean, try using a pet odor neutralizer on this area.

Avoid applying heat to the area by using a steam cleaner. This will only set odors and stains into the fibers of your carpet, locking them in place permanently. It’s also worth noting the cleaning solutions with strong scents, like ammonia or vinegar, may cause your pet to reinforce his or her scent by marking your carpet again.

If urine has soaked through the carpet and into the padding beneath, you may have to consider replacing your carpet and padding.


Removing stains from wood, paint, and other surfaces

If you see your pet’s urine on your furniture, walls, or baseboards, clean it up immediately to reduce the chances of permanent staining. If you wait, the acidity of the urine will likely react with paint and lead to discoloration. If your pet has a habit of having accidents around paint or wood, it may be worth considering washable enamel paints or wallpapers. If you’re dealing with stains on a porous surface like concrete or stone, there are specific cleaners that can help, depending on the nature of the stain and material.

If your pet’s accidents become a real problem, it may be time to call the experts. You can also find products that you can spray on your furniture or other surfaces that deter your pets from marking them, as well as other preventative measures.

Your pets may be trying to communicate something if they have frequent accidents in the house or outside of their normal bathroom spot. In addition to taking care of your furry friend, take comfort in knowing that there are a variety of solutions for accidents that can leave you with an odor-free, stain-free home.

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