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Rug Cleaning Service in Sykesville, MD

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your delicate rugs. Melting ice, mud, salts, and other deicers can seep deep within the fibers which can cause discoloration and matting. Now is the right time to prepare the rugs in your Sykesville, MD home or business for a thorough spring cleaning. The sooner you reach out to CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration to clean your rugs, the sooner you can enjoy the true beauty these prized possessions bring to your property.

Enzymes do the Dirty Work

Enzymes are CLEAN Choice’s hardest-working employees, and they are highly effective at removing odors and stains from deep within rug fibers. Upon application, they immediately begin to break down the odor- and stain-causing elements within wine, chocolate, juices, pet urine, and other substances. Upon contact, the enzymes bind themselves to these elements and feed on them. When their bacterial feast is complete, they leave no trace of the offending substance. This helps protect the carpet from discoloration and ensures that the odors and stains don’t reemerge when the cleaning is complete.

Curious about the role enzymes play in delivering a truly clean rug? Call CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 and we will tell you how we use enzymes to deliver an unprecedented cleaning to the rugs and carpets within your Sykesville, MD, home or business.

Protecting Your Rug from Stains

Wise rug owners know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to protecting their rugs from stains. That is why we apply Green Guard Carpet Protector to the rugs we clean. Green Guard helps neutralize the alkalinity of residues and minimizes wicking. This limits the ability of soil to cling to the carpet fibers and helps maintain the life and vibrancy of the rug long after the cleaning is complete.

Of course, stains and odors can seep below rugs and into wood flooring, tile, and all manner of porous and non-porous surfaces. To help protect these elements, we apply Odor Block, which is specifically formulated to protect these features. This 100% ecologically friendly substance destroys the odor and creates a gas tight barrier that prevents any traces of the odor from circulating through the home.

Call CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 for more about the Green Guard Carpet Protector we apply at the end of our rug cleaning process. It is our pleasure to tell you how we use this product to protect the beauty of your prized rugs in Sykesville, MD.

Post-Cleaning Care

Our truck-mounted, 340-horsepower cleaning system removes almost all traces of water from the carpet fibers. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes the fibers to dry following a cleaning. In most cases, a few hours is all that is needed for the rug to become completely dry. While the rug is drying, it is best to avoid walking over it, and pets and children should be kept away until the fibers are completely dry. This helps prevent any debris or bacteria from attaching themselves to wet fibers.

Call CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 to learn how we utilize the power of pure steam to clean even the dirtiest rugs in Sykesville, MD. It is our pleasure to demonstrate the carpet cleaning skills we have honed over our 30 years of experience in the region. When you contact us, we will provide you with a free consultation and estimate that you can depend on.

“Clean Choice is the only way to go. I went through several companies before I found them. They do a fantastic job every time.”

Tim Savalina in Pasadena, MD

“Clean Choice has cleaned the carpets in two of my houses and I have been amazed at how great they look. The carpets, both over 10 years old, look brand new. I was sure I was going to have to replace them but decided to try and have them cleaned first and I am so glad I did. Keith is extremely passionate about his job and very dedicated to providing the best service possible. I have already referred them to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.”

Elizabeth Bare in Columbia, MD
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