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Rug Cleaning in Pasadena, MD

A quality Oriental rug or area rug can last for decades when cared for properly. By using a professional rug cleaning service, you can keep your area rugs in pristine condition and repair any damage as it occurs.

At CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration, we offer in-plant rug cleaning for Oriental and area rugs of all types, as well as complete repair services for problems like fraying weave or loose fringe. We serve customers throughout Pasadena, MD and the surrounding communities of Anne Arundel County.

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To request a free rug pickup in Pasadena today, call 410-978-6050 or contact us online. We feature live customer service representatives that are eager to help with all your rug cleaning and repair needs.

Our Innovative Rug Cleaning Process

Our company is constantly investing in the latest equipment to offer the best performance and value for our customers. With equipment like our RugBadger, centrifugal rug wringer, and oversized washtub, we can offer unsurpassed cleaning and soil removal while protecting the delicate fibers that give your Oriental rugs their unique style. Our in-plant rug cleaning process features eight distinct steps, including:

1. Pickup and Inspection

We offer free rug pickups and deliveries throughout the Pasadena area, from Aspen Park or Green Haven to Woodholme. Once your rug is at our state-of-the-art facility, we will assess its condition, age, and construction to determine the best cleaning methods to use.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Using a combination of our RugBadger, compressed air, and specialized vacuum attachments, we will loosen and remove the majority of dry dirt and soil.

3. Preconditioning

Any remaining soil will be emulsified to allow it to be captured and removed during the wet cleaning process.

4. Pretreatment and Preparation

For more stubborn stains like wine or pet urine, we will apply cleaning solutions to pretreat the stains and make them easier to eliminate. We will also protect any damaged areas before the wet cleaning process.

5. Rug Washing

In this stage, our experts will submerge your rug in water and use non-abrasive methods to gently clean and deodorize it. We use a combination of purified water, heat, and gentle cleansers to make your rug look great while protecting its sensitive fibers and dyes.

6. Wringing

Using a long centrifugal cylinder, we will spin-dry your rug to remove over 95% of the moisture in a minimal amount of time. This wringing action helps to prevent dyes from bleeding, colors from fading, and mildew from forming.

7. Drying

Any moisture that remains will be eliminated by placing your rung into our dedicated drying room. Using dehumidifiers, heat, and forced air we will evaporate any leftover water, then our team will perform a final grooming to help restore your rug to like-new condition.

8. Final Inspection and Delivery

Before delivering your rug back to your home or business, we will do one final inspection to ensure the process was successful and your rug looks as good as it possibly can.

To learn more about our in-plant rug cleaning process, contact us today. Be sure to read our wonderful reviews to see how committed we are to quality service.

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