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Rug Cleaning Services in Glen Burnie, MD

Area rugs are beautiful additions to any home in Glen Burnie, MD. They breathe life into living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and foyers. These popular items are also large filters for the air that circulates within the home. As with any filter, a regular cleaning is required to remove the dust, dirt, allergens, and moisture they collect. If the rug is not regularly cleaned, these elements can damage the fibers and discolor the dyes. At CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration, it is our pleasure to clean our clients’ rugs and help keep them looking their best as the years pass by.

For top-notch area and Oriental rug cleaning services in Glen Burnie, choose CLEAN Choice. Contact us today or call (410) 978-6050 to schedule!

Professionalism You Can Depend Upon

We treat each and every rug we clean as a unique work of art. We thoroughly assess the rug’s construction, material content, and the dyes within the piece before we apply any cleaning option. This helps protect the rug from damage while ensuring that we deliver the results you require.

At every stage of the process, you can rely on us to take every step necessary to ensure the job is done to the highest standards in the carpet cleaning industry. Our 30+ years of experience have given our IICRC-certified team significant experience with a wide variety of rugs and it is a safe bet that we have treated a rug similar to the rugs within your home.

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Solutions

Our truck mounted 250-degree eco-steam cleaning machines are the most environmentally friendly in the carpet cleaning industry. These units deliver purified steam deep within the rug’s fibers. This is significantly hotter than other cleaning options and it does not damage the fibers or the delicate dyes adhering to them. Moreover, the purified water we use leaves no mineral residue within the carpet when the cleaning is complete.

It also means that we don’t need to scrub or brush the carpet to remove stains and other blemishes. This protects the integrity of the fibers and enhances the overall appearance of the carpet. When the cleaning is done, the water is removed using a vacuum powered by a 350-horsepower Chevy truck motor. This leaves the carpet virtually dry. At the end of the process, we apply a sanitizer/deodorizer that inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents mold from taking hold. The finished result is a vibrant, clean carpet that stays clean longer than other cleaning options.

CLEAN Choice Protects the Environment

We are proud to do our part to protect the environment surrounding Glen Burnie, MD. Our IICRC-certified professionals utilize the latest in green cleaning techniques to ensure we don’t release any toxic chemicals or harsh solvents into the environment. All of the cleaning products we utilize are certified green. This means the products we use will not release toxic VOCs within the home, nor will they pose any danger to pets, children, or those with breathing conditions. It is our pledge that the products we apply during the rug cleaning process won’t exacerbate your asthma, COPD, or trigger allergic reactions. Our commitment to environmental protection is well known within the carpet cleaning industry, and we are honored to be considered an industry leader by our peers throughout the country.

Our IICRC certified team will be happy to provide you a free estimate and discuss your specific rug and carpet cleaning needs. We encourage you to contact CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 to learn more about the steps we take to ensure our clients in Glen Burnie receive the highest degree of service.

“Clean Choice is the only way to go. I went through several companies before I found them. They do a fantastic job every time.”

Tim Savalina in Pasadena, MD

“Clean Choice has cleaned the carpets in two of my houses and I have been amazed at how great they look. The carpets, both over 10 years old, look brand new. I was sure I was going to have to replace them but decided to try and have them cleaned first and I am so glad I did. Keith is extremely passionate about his job and very dedicated to providing the best service possible. I have already referred them to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.”

Elizabeth Bare in Columbia, MD
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