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Expert Rug Cleaning in Gaithersburg, MD

Many homes in Gaithersburg, MD are adorned with fine carpets from around the world. We regularly service rugs that are covered in earthy tones, floral patterns, geometric patterns, and practically every design known to man. When it comes to rugs in the Gaithersburg region, no two rugs are identical and each rug’s cleaning requirements are always unique. CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration can treat any rug you may have within your home.

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Spills & Stains Are No Match for CLEAN Choice

Red wine is a favorite pairing with many meals and desserts. However, it’s not so popular when it comes into contact with carpet fibers. Slips and spills happen, and when they do it’s necessary to address them immediately. Prompt treatment helps prevent the fluid from seeping deeper within the fibers. Blotting with a paper towel or cloth can help reduce absorption. Next, apply a little warm water to the area and continue blotting. Finally, apply a little baking soda to create a paste. Let this dry, then vacuum the dried baking soda away.

Red wine still remains following these tips? Contact CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 and we’ll deploy our specialized cleaning system right to your front door.

How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

Our clients regularly ask us how often they should clean their rugs. The answer depends on a number of factors, and no two rugs require the same amount of cleaning. If the rug is in a low-traffic area, and there are no pets or children in the home, the rug may only need cleaning once per year. However, if the rug is in a high-traffic area such as a hallway or entryway, and there are pets and children, then two to three cleanings per year may be advisable.

Removing Tough Pet Odors

Even if your pet never has an “accident,” pet odors can build up within the carpet fibers. Over time, the accumulation of dander, saliva, and other elements can give your carpet a less-than-appealing odor. At CLEAN Choice, we use purified water and natural odor neutralizers to remove every trace of even the smelliest elements from deep within the carpet.

If your rug starting to smell like your pets, we can help! Call CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 for more information about our pet odor removal services.

Dependable Cleaning You Can Trust

There are many benefits that come with making the CLEAN Choice for your home. Our free, over-the-phone estimates let you know how much our services will cost which means there are no surprises when the bill arrives. More importantly, our green certified, eco-friendly cleaning services guarantee that no toxic residues or harsh chemicals will remain in your carpet when the service is complete.

But, most important to our clients is that they know they can depend on our 30+ years of experience to get the job done right. We take the greatest care to protect and preserve the beauty and integrity of our clients’ rugs. This is why the vast majority of our business isn’t generated from advertising; it’s earned from word of mouth recommendations that our client’s give to their friends, family, and neighbors.

We invite you to contact CLEAN Choice at (410) 978-6050 for more information about our rug and carpet cleaning services in Gaithersburg, MD. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best way to keep your rugs looking clean and new.

“Clean Choice is the only way to go. I went through several companies before I found them. They do a fantastic job every time.”

Tim Savalina in Pasadena, MD

“Clean Choice has cleaned the carpets in two of my houses and I have been amazed at how great they look. The carpets, both over 10 years old, look brand new. I was sure I was going to have to replace them but decided to try and have them cleaned first and I am so glad I did. Keith is extremely passionate about his job and very dedicated to providing the best service possible. I have already referred them to several of my friends and will continue to do so in the future.”

Elizabeth Bare in Columbia, MD
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