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Rug Cleaning in Crownsville, MD

Whether you have an original hand-woven Oriental or a modern mechanically produced area rug, it deserves the best care possible. It takes a true professional to effectively clean your Oriental rugs while preserving their unique history and value.

At CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration, we specialize in area rug cleaning and repair, and we serve the entire Crownsville area, including Anne Arundel County. We have the skills and equipment to guarantee professional results, and our many great reviews show our commitment to quality service.

For more information about our in-plant rug cleaning services in Crownsville, MD, call 410-978-6050 or contact us online to talk to one of our live customer representatives.

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Our Advanced Rug Cleaning Process

With over 30 years of experience and the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, you can count on our team at CLEAN Choice to provide top-notch rug cleaning services with free pickup and delivery throughout Crownsville, MD, from Chesterfield and Waterbury to Town Center. Our rug cleaning process includes:

1. Pickup and Assessment

Our team will pick your rug up at your home or business and perform an initial assessment to determine the most appropriate cleaning processes to employ. We will factor in the age of the rug, the materials it is made with, its condition, and any special treatment requirements, such as stain and odor removal or fringe repairs.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Using our RugBadger, compressed air, and other techniques, we will remove the majority of the dry dirt and soil from your rug. Our RugBadger uses gentle vibrations to shake loose years of debris, leaving your rug far cleaner than even the most powerful consumer-grade vacuum.

3. Pre-Condition

Depending on the area rugs fiber content and the type and level of soil, the fine rug will be pre-treated to loosen the dry soils.

4. Pretreatment and Preparation

Our experts will inspect your rug and identify any areas that need special consideration, such as pet stains, damaged fringe, or sections with heavy foot traffic. We will apply pretreatments to lift any stains and odors, then take steps to prevent any further physical damage.

5. Rug Washing

Using purified water, we will gently submerse your rug in our specialized washtub and use gentle, non-abrasive processes to clean it thoroughly. Our process mimics the traditional, safe method of cleaning rugs in streams or rivers.

6. Wringing

With our centrifugal rug wringer, we can quickly remove over 95% of the water from your rug, preventing mildew growth, water stains, and color bleeding.

7. Drying

To remove any remaining moisture, we will place your rug in our dedicated drying room, which uses a combination of heat, airflow, and dehumidification to leave the rug completely dry in 48 hours or fewer. A final touch-up and detailing stage ensures your rug looks its best.

8. Final Inspection and Delivery

With the cleaning process complete, our experts will perform a final inspection to make sure everything was done properly; then they will authorize delivery of the finished rug to your home or business.

We are confident that you will be happy with our rug cleaning process, and we encourage you to read our local reviews for examples of satisfied customers in the Crownsville area.

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