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Rug Cleaning in Catonsville, MD

Area rugs are often located in well-trafficked areas in a home, such as dining rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms. This makes them prone to dirt, stains, and the occasional pet accident.

When you need your Oriental or area rugs thoroughly cleaned and restored to their original glory, look no farther than our team at CLEAN Choice Cleaning & Restoration. We provide in-plant rug cleaning, rug repair services, and much more. Our company serves homes and businesses in Catonsville, MD, Baltimore County, and the surrounding areas.

For high quality rug cleaning in and around Catonsville, MD, call our live customer service representatives at 410-978-6050 or contact us online. We offer free rug pick up and delivery throughout the Catonsville and Baltimore area.

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Our State-of-the-Art Rug Cleaning Process

For more than 30 years, CLEAN Choice has been developing and perfecting rug cleaning techniques that offer great cleaning performance, superior odor naturalization, and better protection of the sensitive fibers and dyes that are found in vintage Oriental rugs and area rugs. Our in-plant rug cleaning process is gentle and effective without sacrificing quality, and it includes eight primary steps:

1. Pickup and Assessment

Whether you live in Adil Meadows, Oella, Westchester, or Woodbridge Valley, our team is ready and willing to pick up your Oriental rugs or area rugs anywhere in the Catonsville area and bring them to our facility in Elkridge for a professional, thorough deep cleaning. The process starts will a full inspection of the rug’s age, condition, and composition, which helps us to choose the most effective and efficient cleaning processes.

2. Dry Soil Removal

Dry soil and dirt are removed with a compressed air, specialized vacuum attachments, and our RugBadger system, providing far better dirt-removing performance than vacuuming alone.

3. Preconditioning

Any remaining dirt is emulsified with cleaning solutions for easy capture and removal during the rest of the cleaning process.

4. Pretreatment and Preparation

For stains like spills, pet accidents, and foot traffic, we apply pretreatments to start the cleaning process and make the stains easier to remove. We also protect sensitive areas like rips, loose weaves, or damaged fringe before continuing with further cleaning.

5. Rug Washing

Using a large washtub and purified water, we completely submerge your Oriental rug or area rung and being cleaning it with non-abrasive techniques that offer gentle, yet effective, cleaning without harming sensitive fibers and dyes.

6. Wringing

After a thorough rinsing, we place the rug in our centrifugal rug wringer to remove most of the water through a high-speed spinning process. This significantly reduces drying time and prevents the formation of mildew, odors, or water stains.

7. Drying

To remove any remaining moisture, our experts place the rug in our drying room for 24 to 48 hours, applying a combination of heat, forced air, and dehumidification systems until the rug is completely dry.

8. Final Inspection and Delivery

Once the process is complete, our leading experts examine your area rug for any insufficiently cleaned areas or missed stains, and then it is delivered back to your home or business, ready for use. We can even help you lay it in place.

Our process is quite effective, and that is demonstrated by the many great reviews left by satisfied customers. Click here to view our testimonials page.

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